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I am working on two wildly different projects at the moment – each with their own incredibly different budget scenarios – and we have to think – step-by-step – all the way through not just post – but on through to distribution and marketing – which brings us right back around to further script development at every stage of the game.

No part of the process can be ignored or overlooked or “sketched out ball park to get to later” ’cause A) there’s never time later and B) poor planning in ANY arena can bring the whole project to a screeching halt or down into a complete nightmare and possibly impossible but most likely poorly resolvable bottleneck “later.”

#1) 21 Hours

A terrorist race car thriller.

Speed meets NASCAR. If United 93 occurred in your car. Con Air with an “Everyman” rookie at the wheel. You get the idea.

It COULD make $100M at the box office.

Or tank.

We all know the ridiculous odds and insane unknowns.

Given all that, I co-wrote a big action script intentionally as cheaply as a movie like this could be made – out in the middle of nowhere, anywhere – an exciting cross country race against time – that could essentially be shot about 85% in a sound stage (a ton is green screen in the car) with about one week of B-Roll that we could adjust to whatever states have the best tax incentives or whatever locations are the most scenic (or that we can get).

I am soliciting product placement from car manufacturers and joint ventures with video game developers and publishers whereby we MIGHT be able to make what looks like a $30M film for $5M, $10M, $15M…with maybe our combined “cash” or private equity investment in the project limited to $5M – safely protected by risk mitigating factors all over at every phase.

Can we pull it off? Who knows. We’ll see.

But a HUGE part of this process is figuring out not only how to BEST DO the CGI, VFX and green screen scenes…but who pays for it? And who gets what out of it? Deliverables, rights, access, ancillary product, promotional opportunities, etc.

Can we get one of the three major video game manufacturers or top thirty independent developers worldwide to commit to doing the three CGI scenes for us in exchange for the IP license to this feature and the sequel, our HD footage and location shots of every angle we visit at our expense and contribute to their cause as well as the auto CAD designs of all the cars, etc.? And could we possibly time it all right? Maybe. Maybe not.

Maybe we’ll have to just limit ourselves to mobile and social media games (an iPhone, Android and FaceBook) on this one and pray for a AAA game for the sequel on a by-then, hopefully, proven commodity. Who knows.

Can we get a major car manufacturer to fund this as a 90-minute commercial for their car that is the HERO of our movie and on camera literally 90% of the time? Maybe. Maybe not.

But ALL of these things go into the package.

What – and to what level of detail and disclosure – depends on who’s getting the package.

#2) Queen of Harts

A micro-budgeted, gay-themed romantic dramedy: a drag queen mid-life crisis / high school football coming out story.

This project, obviously, has very different goals: raise the profile of the filmmakers, make a highly-promoted splash on the indie film festival circuit, solicit critical acclaim for a job well done – and hopefully:  not lose our shirts.

It’s not all about the money. It never is for me. Though I have a profound respect for it – and the more you respect it, the more it comes – but truthfully, the same can be said for the heart and soul of the project.

Case in point IN my case in point 😉 we’ve prudently already turned down the coveted 25% gross distribution deal because of the “not a nickel without the pickle” clause: we don’t want to sully our sweet, charming P-13 feature with full frontal male nudity just to narrow our market for a DVD deal.

Maybe that’s a foolhardy fiscal choice – but its not all about the money – its about what this project wants – and deserves to be. And I think if you honor that, you might make ten times more than that deal would’ve ever brought in.

Tiny as it is, our project hopes to provide laughing solace and a comforting salve to stem the seeming epidemic of high school sexual-orientation-related bullying and suicides. And if we get an R-rating, we completely exclude half our target audience and dilute the impact and meaning of the feature. Just to make it a gay date night movie rental because. I hope that we are making the best decision here that serves both the creative goals of the project as well as the bottom-line.

Our extensive and exhaustive research has shown that best-case scenario, we release in two to maybe 17 theaters, if we’re lucky. Best guess formulas show we stand to make $1.2M. So why on earth would we go raise $2.5M to make this movie and knowingly go into it losing our – or other people’s shirts? Why would we do that when we can accomplish all our same primary goals with a $50K 15-minute short – and maybe that’s what we ought to do. Or maybe, we can take a risk – and try to make some money in the process – and make a brilliant film for $200K – $600K, hit a nerve – and we hit the $5M mark – and everyone is thrilled – and shocked!

So that leaves us with choices. Do we shoot to make the very best $262,500 feature? Or can we raise $625K to make this “look like a million dollars.” Every decision affects your choice of camera, the size of each department, the length of set up and thus the number of days in your shoot schedule. Your locations will affect the number of extras you can accommodate – and thus your food costs. Can we shoot in a football stadium when school’s out? Or get access to shoot an actual game and intercut staged scenes in crowded bleachers? Or do we shoot a football practice instead of a game to get the same scene point across? Ditto a high school prom? Can we get establishing shots then replicate? Or do we keep them over by the punch bowl? What’s the caliber of cast we can get? (Sample Character Breakdowns)

Each one of these decisions affects your schedule dramatically; each location affects everything from Kraft Services to the number of bathrooms you’ll need to provide. You’re like the General of a moving Army. You have to take care of the troops. Well.

You cannot be so myopically focused on the bottom-line or the special effects or soundtrack or video game that you shunt good writing and empathetic and root-worthy character development to the side. Not to mention, you have to leave time and space for the poor actors trying to ply their craft in the midst of all the tech teams thinking they’re in the way of the shot!

It’s a collaborative process.


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14 Responses to “Film Proposal Examples”

  1. DonnaMarie Vaughan says:

    Heather Hale has written a welcoming and informative article that truly helps writers. It is refreshing to read information that asks you to look at your work in a different way.

  2. Heather’s piece is shrewd and spot-on in terms of all the issues you have to consider in putting together an affordable and (hopefully) successful film project. I’d underline the importance of creating a powerful and attractive website for the project–especially doing a ‘promotional trailer’ for the film you’re trying to make and sell. It helps immeasurably in getting everyone from agents and actors, producers and financiers to quickly ‘see the film.’ Ours for The Phoenix has worked wonders with all such folks in Hollywood. Check it out:

  3. Heather says:

    Donna Marie – Thank you!

    Daniel – Your website – and the story of the film – are beautiful! Best of luck with them! 😉

  4. Hello Heather,
    I applaud your perspective and knowledge. I have a project that is fully developed and would like to get your take on it, perhaps there are collaborations.
    Please respond to my e-mail:

  5. Victor says:

    Dear Heather Hale,

    I just read your website today and was so impressed about your story of the film. I would like to express about my film project proposals and goal as a deaf film maker.

    I would like to tell you that I have always wanted to be a film maker but the film school rejected me for being deaf or hard of hearing. The Full Sail University and Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, these two universities would not recommended me to attend their schools because their policy said that I am required to take some audio courses. After one year, I decided to talk to my ADA lawyer about why I can’t attend to film school or take some film courses. I do believed that they were discriminating against deaf students, however, I have met several deaf students who graduated in film from NYC and Rochester, NY. There is one problem that I don’t want to move to NY or relocated because I need to support my family in Miami, Florida.

    Could you help me how to get a film producer or film director so I can explain about what the film is about as well as film project proposal? What do you suggest for me to speak with film director or film producer about the possibility in making a film? This film will be base on a true story about Thomas Gallaudet, co-founder of Gallaudet University and the little deaf girl named Alice Cogswell including the first deaf teacher, Laurent Clerc, from Paris, France.

    Today, I am a fashion and fine arts photographer and still working on a film school for deaf students who are pursing their career in film or video productions.

    Please respond to my email:

    My best, Victor

  6. Heather says:

    Hey Victor.

    Good for you!

    I’ve actually worked with a couple of deaf screenwriters.

    One was a high school student who was deaf and blind who I mentored through the Screen Students Fellowship Program through the Friar’s Foundation. She – and her work – were so inspiring. I got Final Draft to donate their screenwriting program to her and she had some special way of adapting the program with some other tools.

    I’ve been working with another screenwriter for years who is hard of hearing, perhaps legally deaf, but we’ve tried to do conference calls with assistance – but usually do everything vie e-mail. I hope to help her see her project to fruition.

    I wonder if the Full Sail University or the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale have since changed their policies? I wouldn’t be surprised. You might want to consider contacting them again and sharing your story. You never know, they might even have a whole department to support students with learning differences now – and maybe even scholarship or grant funding? Have you checked out any deaf organizations to see if they have any academic or entertainment industry programs that might assist you? The networks (ABC/Disney Fellowship, NBC/Universal’s Writers on the Verge, etc.) might even have special contests and competitions. Worth Googling around. I’d love to hear what your research turns up!

    Check out: and – maybe there’s some opportunities and/or networking support you might find there?

    I’d definitely suggest researching the alums and board of directors of and donors to Gallaudet University ( and see if any are in the entertainment industry or who might be willing to fund a film on a subject near and dear to their hearts.

    Maybe try to reach out to Bernard Bragg, who is internationally recognized as a leader in the deaf entertainment industry? (See:

    Also – the University of Illinois Press did an study and published and article called “Hollywood Speaks: Deafness and the Film Entertainment Industry” (See:

    I hope those resources are helpful to you.

    Of course, I do what I call “PowerNetworking” consulting – where I help you try to figure out the lay of the land – who might be the right people in Hollywood – and elsewhere – to reach out to try to get your project funded, made and distributed – as well as script consulting – if I can be of assistance in a professional capacity other than just as a fan cheering from the sidelines! 😉

  7. vipin says:


    i need you help please conformed me video promotion proposal,



  8. Avadh says:

    I have a story and i wrote it for a film.but i don’t have any production house what i have to do next?….mail me at ..

  9. Toyin says:

    Hi Heather,

    I read your posts and I must admit they are not only impressive but also enlightening. I’m an indie content creator from Nigeria. I have been hesitant with co-producing or even submitting my works to the so-called key players in my country because they’re too comfortable playing in comfort zones. That’s not the vision I have for my works. Most recent of them(my scripts) is one based on terrorism which I find its logistics above the skill/experience of film directors I have known so far. I want to change the face of movie-making in my own way, so people get to get true value for their time and money. Heather please, can you hook me up with a director with whom together we can blaze the trail for real thrillers in my country? I really hope to hear back from you via my email address. Thanks!

  10. Mthokozisi Alpha says:

    Good day Mrs Heather Hale

    I notice that you havent responded in any of the writings to you in over 2 years, nevertheless I write with the hope that this will find you. I must begin by first praising you for you work it is really admirable.

    Im a university student from South Africa and I found this page whilst trying to look for a way to contact Hollywood directors on a film proposal that I have, I realize that this might sound much too ambitious and virtually impossible but it is not unprecedented so there ought to be a way. Ive been writing film scripts since I was 9 and 11 years later I have one that I believe many might find quiet interesting. I titled it THE TESTER and briefly it is based on a man who tests the strength of relationships and marriages by attempting to date the woman who is already in a relationship…throughout the film he never finds one that is able to resist the temptation, they fail to pass the test, except one- he approves just one relationship and that woman he falls inlove with.

    Mrs Heather I trust that you might be able to help me work on this and find someone to contact. Ive also worked on pieces Ive titled ‘An hour of Life’ ‘Dead Racer’ and ‘Lets Go Fishing.

    For more information and means of contact feel free to email me

    Thank you.

  11. Hi this is cool, thanks and to you toyin I’m a Nigerian film maker. Who is crazy about making a film that has never been shot before in Nigeria.
    Here is my number :08136186872 may be we could do some. Films together

  12. ibrahim says:

    I need to understand every thing about how to make films

  13. Heather says:

    How can I help?

  14. Heather says:

    I responded to this back in September, Alpha.
    I don’t see any emails or posts from a couple of years ago – but how can I help?

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