Absolute Killers Storyboard Session

Some of my screenwriting friends from Storyboard (a great story analysis group that meets every month at 20th Century Fox) came over to break down and brainstorm constructive changes to the latest draft of Absolute Killers (aka Witness Insecurity, aka Snitch).

In the midst of an incredible rain storm, we enjoyed a roarin’ fire, wonderful (if I do say so myself!) homemade poblano chili with all the fixin’s and a great, constructive discussion on how to make the script the best it could possibly be.

Fellow writers, directors and producers discussed everything from premise, to character, storyline, theme and dialogue – and everything in between.

Always keeping our budget constraints, distribution goals and marketing considerations in mind, we addressed issues of credibility or inconsistent tone in an effort to tighten the contained thriller. We broke down the classic three act structure and debated each and every twist and turn. Each character motivation and every beat was questioned and pulled apart to make sure each decision was organic and believable – and emotionally engaging.

I left with all sorts of great ideas and possibilities for the rewrite.

I’m so grateful to all the Storyboarders – and other friends – who attended!

Thank you!

By Heather