A couple of summers ago, I judged The Hollywood Player Pitch Contest at NATPE’s PitchCon. For the past couple of years, I’ve helped TV Pitchers develop their materials and prepare for their pitches.  I thought it might be helpful to share some Do‘s and Don’t‘s of what ought to be…(Read More)

Writing a Spec Script for a TV Series In teaching Screenwriters University’s Writing a Spec Script for a TV series, it’s reminded me how much every writer just wants to write their own original material. And that they are purely writing these spec scripts just to get work or an agent or manager…(Read More)

Producer Anne Marie Gillen recently posed this question to our Mastermind Group: ”What keeps you awake at night? What are those nasty thoughts that keep playing around in your head?  The shoulda-coulda-woulda?” It stimulated such an open and honest discussion about our communal fears and insecurities that we entrepreneurial artists all share but…(Read More)

As the creative and business worlds of film and television continue to collide, the formerly distinct channels of advertising-supported broadcast television, subscription-supported premium cable, and transactional digital offerings have morphed into an overlapping spectrum of fiercely competitive hybrids. While most distributors look to attract the best (i.e.: already successfully proven) talent, how…(Read More)

If anyone has worked out how to best pitch games shows, it’s Murray Boland. A BAFTA-award-winning executive producer and Creative Director for CPL Productions. His knowledge has been hard-earned over two and a half decades of developing, pitching and producing all sorts of non-scripted programming – but especially game shows. “Quiz…(Read More)

The primary goal of a television pitch is to get the powers that be to request or read your script. Sometimes you will be pitching to professionals who will have actually already read your script (and that’s how you got in the room), so then the purpose of the meeting shifts to your translating…(Read More)