“Years of visiting the Film and TV markets provide a certain level of knowledge of this complex, global dance of nuance, development, networking, co-productions and the like. With Heather Hale’s go-to guide in hand, the complexity of the annual cycle of these crucial markets is remarkably clear and easy. Hale’s extensive knowledge and insider tips will guide you to a whole new experience of attending such markets, saving time, money and embarrassment. It’s simply superb, with key info and tips – worth every penny, and my planned gift to industry friends.”

Gabrielle Kelly – Screenwriter, Producer

AFI Screenwriting Faculty

This creative guide offers:

  • An in-depth survey of the most significant film, TV and digital content trade shows around the world;
  • An overview of the co-production market circuit that offers financing and development support to independent producers;
  • An outline of the market-like festivals and key awards shows;
  • A breakdown of who’s who at all these events — and how to network with them;
  • Hot Tips on how to prepare for, execute and follow up on these prime opportunities;
  • Low-budget key art samples and game plans.

“Heather Hale has a keen perspective on the workings of the film and television marketplace. A must-read for anyone that has a project and needs to know how to maneuver through the challenging aspects of sales and distribution.”

Valerie McCaffrey

Director, Producer, Casting Director

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by Michael Wiese Productions