How to Work the Film & TV Markets: A Guide for Content Creators


“For years I’ve watched producers and other film creatives spend countless dollars to attend markets such as AFM, Cannes and MIPCOM only to leave discouraged. Simply put, they didn’t plan ahead and understand how to work the markets. No one knows this area better than Heather Hale. With How to Work the Film & TV Markets, Heather not only provides content creators a wealth of information designed to help remove the intimidation factor and anxiety inherent in attending a market, but also provides a clear path toward maximizing your precious time and, by virtue, increasing your odds of success. This is essential reading for anyone looking to drum up interest in their projects. Not to be missed.”

Richard “RB” Botto
Stage 32 Founder and CEO




“Years of visiting the Film and TV markets provide a certain level of knowledge of this complex, global dance of nuance, development, networking, co-productions and the like. With Heather Hale’s go-to guide in hand, the complexity of the annual cycle of these crucial markets is remarkably clear and easy. Hale’s extensive knowledge and insider tips will guide you to a whole new experience of attending such markets, saving time, money and embarrassment. It’s simply superb, with key info and tips – worth every penny, and my planned gift to industry friends.”

Gabrielle Kelly – Screenwriter, Producer

AFI Screenwriting Faculty

“Heather Hale has a keen perspective on the workings of the film and television marketplace. A must-read for anyone that has a project and needs to know how to maneuver through the challenging aspects of sales and distribution.”

Valerie McCaffrey

Director, Producer, Casting Director

Amazon Customer Reviews

James Moorer
December 14, 2017
Insightful, inspirational and an essential tool for filmmakers and content producers who need clear and concise intelligence on how to properly meet the meets of the marketplace and be successful. For anyone attempting to build a lasting career in this industry, this text is mandatory study for the truly serious creator. Thank you, Heather Hale!
Amazon Customer
December 3, 2017

Written in an easy-to-understand, clear, concise, friendly style that gets right to the nub of what every writer or producer wants to know: where/how can I sell my work? Where/how can I connect with people and companies in the industry?

This book covers the entire global marketplace for content creators. It’s a huge endeavor – and risky – but Ms. Hale pulls it off with elegant, eloquent simplicity. She illuminates, illustrates and interprets the vagaries and obtuseness of these markets, makes them far less intimidating and far more accessible.

There’s a reason “Work” is in the title. She gives you everything you need to know about the Film, TV & Internet media markets – but YOU have to DO THE WORK. The book helps you create a plan to strategize not only how to navigate these markets but truly – how to WORK them. This book is your guide, your roadmap, to get where you want to go as a content creator. The cost of the book is minuscule compared to all the money (work and time) you’ll save trying to figure this all out for yourself (and it might even help you make a lot of money!).

Ms. Hale continues to go the extra mile post-publishing by updating all the resources she references in the book and offering a ton of additional resources on her website.

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