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21 Hours heather hale

21 Hours


When his dream car is hijacked, a high school football coach is seat belted in to a terrorist death trap and forced to play the unwilling suicide bomber in a Jihadist game of revenge roulette when he must race cross country in 21 hours flat to beat the clock to save his family – and…(Read More)

21 Hours  A high-concept, contained-budget, action-packed thriller. The roller coaster suspense, spectacular stunts and visceral race action are peppered with intense but gore-free fight sequences, exhilarating and sexy enough for date night but still PG-13-friendly enough for the entire family. When his dream car is hijacked, a high school…(Read More)

Absolute Killers


 Absolute Killers is a low budget feature thriller that I directed, produced and co-wrote that starred Edward Furlong (Terminator 2, The Green Hornet, CSI: NY), Ed Asner (Up, Lou Grant) and Meat Loaf Aday (Fight Club, Rocky Horror Picture Show). It premiered on October 1, 2011 as a spotlighted film at the 2011 Modern…(Read More)

It’s a challenge to get the right people in power to read your screenplays. The chasm between a query – or even a successful pitch – to a sale can feel insurmountable. Encapsulating everything that’s great about your project into a logline or even a one sheet can feel daunting. Enter: pitch packages. A pitch…(Read More)

You should never pick your DP based on what camera he or she owns or has access to or can get discounts on. The decision on which DP to hire should be based on his or her talent (not just the reel but entire films – several of them), reputation, relationships, referrals, shared vision for…(Read More)

21 Hours is unapologetically a testosterone action popcorn flick. An entertaining suspense roller coaster. We want to give the audience a visceral, authentic race experience so they’ll “feel the speed.” We want them to feel claustrophobically trapped inside the contained space of our hero’s rigged muscle car as if they were vicariously in…(Read More)

281 Favorite Films


I started to make a list of my top 10 favorite films. But that was impossible. Then I thought: I’ll do my top 100. No, better make it 250. I finally had to draw the line at 281. I thought maybe I should break them down by genre classics or set apart the 80s…(Read More)

SEAN has risen to the top of the Drag Queen world with his iconic alter ego, SEANdaLEER.  Yet the nightclub performer and television host finds that fame and fortune don’t provide the happiness he had hoped as a constant battle wages between his masculine and feminine sides.  After experiencing a lifetime of prejudice, even…(Read More)

JOHNNY CALDWELL is as unlikely a made man as the Charlotte underworld has ever seen. But after his father died heroically saving the life of the REID crime family patriarch, MAXWELL, he inherited the unwelcome legacy of growing up inescapably entrenched as untouchable mobster gold. His strong ethics and aversion to violence a lifelong teasing…(Read More)

Meat Loaf and I… Okay, first of all…how cool is it that I can even start a sentence that way!? Meat (that’s what he’s been called since he was a baby) says he’ll answer to any form of meat. “Pork Chop” was my favorite term of endearment while we shot on…(Read More)