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As promised in How to Work the Film & TV Markets: A Guide for Content Creators, Dog & Pony have generously shared with all of us a great gift: their five-page feature film key art creative brief. This same worksheet can be used for TV projects, books and even musicals and plays – just adjust…(Read More)

21 Hours heather hale

21 Hours


When his dream car is hijacked, a high school football coach is seat belted in to a terrorist death trap and forced to play the unwilling suicide bomber in a Jihadist game of revenge roulette when he must race cross country in 21 hours flat to beat the clock to save his family – and…(Read More)

21 Hours  A high-concept, contained-budget, action-packed thriller. The roller coaster suspense, spectacular stunts and visceral race action are peppered with intense but gore-free fight sequences, exhilarating and sexy enough for date night but still PG-13-friendly enough for the entire family. When his dream car is hijacked, a high school…(Read More)

It’s a challenge to get the right people in power to read your screenplays. The chasm between a query – or even a successful pitch – to a sale can feel insurmountable. Encapsulating everything that’s great about your project into a logline or even a one sheet can feel daunting. Enter: pitch packages. A pitch…(Read More)

MIPTV 2016


MIPTV 2016 TV & Digital Distributors, Buyers and Content Creators from 100 countries included: Argentina: Argentina Audiovisual, Polka Producciones, Telefilms S.A., Television Federal S.A. (Telefe International) Armenia: Shant TV Australia: ABC Commercial, Australian Children’s Television Foundation, Beyond Distribution PTY Ltd., Flame Media PTY Ltd., Fred, Inverleigh, Looking Glass International, SBS Corporation, Screen…(Read More)