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I get asked this question all the time: How (and where) should I pitch my TV show? As the Pitch Prep Coach for the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE)’s PitchCon and repeatedly getting up to bat myself as one of the qualified producers in the NBC/Universal partnership with the Independent Film…(Read More)

Here’s my next webinar for Script Magazine and The Writers Store! At a Glance Learn how to attract A-List talent to your screenplay Learn how to get read by – and traction from – buyers, distributors, financiers, and potential brand or product placement sponsors…(Read More)

You should never pick your DP based on what camera he or she owns or has access to or can get discounts on. The decision on which DP to hire should be based on his or her talent (not just the reel but entire films – several of them), reputation, relationships, referrals, shared vision for…(Read More)

21 Hours is unapologetically a testosterone action popcorn flick. An entertaining suspense roller coaster. We want to give the audience a visceral, authentic race experience so they’ll “feel the speed.” We want them to feel claustrophobically trapped inside the contained space of our hero’s rigged muscle car as if they were vicariously in…(Read More)

PROGRAM LENGTH: (1 – 4 Hours; 24 hour, two-week session) Customizable sessions available. OBJECTIVE: Clearly understand the five “W”’s of Business Plans (Who, What, Where, When, Why – and How). Learn how to convey your mission and vision, establish your objectives, milestones and benchmarks, articulate your production and distribution strategies, write the most favorable bios…(Read More)