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Pitching TV Shows


I’ve been helping dozens of Reality TV Content Creators get ready to pitch at NATPE’s PRO Pitch. Re-editing their sizzle reels, rewriting their one-sheets, practicing their pitches and in some cases, even really re-evaluating and figuring out what it is they’re actually trying to pitch…(Read More)

Okay, so I did my best – heartbreaking – but this is it: The Shawshank Redemption Groundhog Day The Prestige Raiders of the Lost Ark Romancing the Stone The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Big Fish A Beautiful Mind The Sixth Sense Shakespeare in Love And #11 would be the annual classic: It’s a…(Read More)

  Million Dollar Cup of Tea is the true life story of the mother-daughter kitchen table start-up that grew into a $75 million dollar business by introducing chai tea to America. The Oregon Chai C0-Founder Tedde McMillen (the “Mom”) was so happy with our collaboration that she very generously thanked me, the…(Read More)

Film Slate


Click here to automatically download or view a Powerpoint Presentation for the most current HHP Film Slate. Please be patient: This is a very large file and could take up to a minute to load. Please feel free to contact me for complete scripts, synopses, top sheets or full budgets, schedules, day out of days…(Read More)

Production Crew


Director of Photography: Jim Orr Ten-time regional Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Photography and Lighting Direction, Jim Orr is just wrapping Alicia Keys’ directorial debut film Lili, part of Lifetime’s Project 5, produced by Jennifer Anniston. His hundreds of commercials, documentaries, TV episodes and 15 independent feature films include Jessica Biel‘s directorial…(Read More)

Most of you don’t know but I lived in Japan for a year when I was 21. So, to say I am a sushi junkie is an understatement. We used to have it literally every day. I made it and packed lunches of it. And even now, just a few years later, I still…(Read More)

Raw Assembly Done!


Yes, I know, my blog hasn’t caught up with all my travels! Yes, I know, I need to update ya’ll on the film status! Yes, I have a TON of photos and video and all sorts of updates to post! I will as soon as my feet touch ground! Little by little, I…(Read More)

While it’s admittedly a little intimidating and overwhelming to be shooting in less than a week (especially for our amazing Art Department, I’d imagine!), it’s mostly a relief to me because I’ve been chompin’ at the bit for two years now to get these characters (their worlds, situations and themes) up…(Read More)

Still super exciting. As a long time screenwriting instructor/story analyst but first-time feature director, what has struck me as fascinating about this audition process is really how much it overlaps with screenwriting: two different interim crafts stepping towards the ultimate art of film. The first impressions of an actor auditioning (whether walking in…(Read More)