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Meat Loaf and I… Okay, first of all…how cool is it that I can even start a sentence that way!? Meat (that’s what he’s been called since he was a baby) says he’ll answer to any form of meat. “Pork Chop” was my favorite term of endearment while we shot on…(Read More)

Raw Assembly Done!


Yes, I know, my blog hasn’t caught up with all my travels! Yes, I know, I need to update ya’ll on the film status! Yes, I have a TON of photos and video and all sorts of updates to post! I will as soon as my feet touch ground! Little by little, I…(Read More)

While it’s admittedly a little intimidating and overwhelming to be shooting in less than a week (especially for our amazing Art Department, I’d imagine!), it’s mostly a relief to me because I’ve been chompin’ at the bit for two years now to get these characters (their worlds, situations and themes) up…(Read More)

Still super exciting. As a long time screenwriting instructor/story analyst but first-time feature director, what has struck me as fascinating about this audition process is really how much it overlaps with screenwriting: two different interim crafts stepping towards the ultimate art of film. The first impressions of an actor auditioning (whether walking in…(Read More)

Some of my screenwriting friends from Storyboard (a great story analysis group that meets every month at 20th Century Fox) came over to break down and brainstorm constructive changes to the latest draft of Absolute Killers (aka Witness Insecurity, aka Snitch). In the midst of an incredible rain storm, we enjoyed a roarin’ fire, wonderful…(Read More)

From Exile to Honor


The daughter of a South Vietnamese Army General is harrowingly airlifted out of Viet Nam during the Fall of Saigon to be later honored by Ronald Reagan as a “Great American Hero” in his State of the Union Address, her historic graduation from West Point was captured in this Pulitzer Prize-winning Life photo…(Read More)

The mother-daughter kitchen table start-up that sold for $75 million by bringing Chai tea out of the Himalayans and into coffee houses and grocery stores around the world. The I Love Lucy assembly-line humor is sharply contrasted by the profoundly unapologetic fly-on-the-wall glimpse into the harsh realities of start…(Read More)



How can we stop the world’s financial crisis from spiraling out of control? The twelve wealthiest and most influential families in the world handpick a group of highly trained specialists to devise a “global blueprint for success.” Once set in motion, the plan’s authors must be exterminated to hide the puppeteers’ identities and…(Read More)