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Almost a spec a day hit the marketplace in 2010. And while both submissions and sales were down (17.6% and 15.1%, respectively), just 62 of the 360 spec scripts that made the rounds in 2010 sold. While Jason Scoggins’ covers these statistics brilliantly, consistently and in depth on his (which Sharon…(Read More)

JOHNNY CALDWELL is as unlikely a made man as the Charlotte underworld has ever seen. But after his father died heroically saving the life of the REID crime family patriarch, MAXWELL, he inherited the unwelcome legacy of growing up inescapably entrenched as untouchable mobster gold. His strong ethics and aversion to violence a lifelong teasing…(Read More)

ABC Daytime Writing Program: Discovers and employs writers of culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds interested in Daytime programming writing. ABC Scholarship Grant Program: Scholarship grant program supports new writing, filmmaking and directing talent. For one year. Alliance for Inclusion in the Arts: is a national not-for-profit advocacy organization based in New York City…(Read More)

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Holler if any of these links are dead or you have any to add. Feel free to share any experiences! AAJA (Asian American Journalists Association): Mission is to encourage Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to enter the ranks of journalism, to work for fair and accurate coverage of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, and to…(Read More)

While it’s admittedly a little intimidating and overwhelming to be shooting in less than a week (especially for our amazing Art Department, I’d imagine!), it’s mostly a relief to me because I’ve been chompin’ at the bit for two years now to get these characters (their worlds, situations and themes) up…(Read More)

Still super exciting. As a long time screenwriting instructor/story analyst but first-time feature director, what has struck me as fascinating about this audition process is really how much it overlaps with screenwriting: two different interim crafts stepping towards the ultimate art of film. The first impressions of an actor auditioning (whether walking in…(Read More)

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Power Networking: The Secret Hollywood Code   Let Heather Hale, a veteran Hollywood insider, teach you the secrets of networking that empower YOU to supercharge your career. Hit the ground running — or reboot your enthusiasm. Learn how to break the ice and build rapport, team-network and work a room with your wingman, mine organizations…(Read More)

Some of my screenwriting friends from Storyboard (a great story analysis group that meets every month at 20th Century Fox) came over to break down and brainstorm constructive changes to the latest draft of Absolute Killers (aka Witness Insecurity, aka Snitch). In the midst of an incredible rain storm, we enjoyed a roarin’ fire, wonderful…(Read More)

In the summer of 2010, Jeanene Tracy invited Valerie McCaffrey, Milton Justice and I to teach a wonderful weeklong braided retreat in Sydney, Australia, where we divvied up directing, acting and screenwriting, respectively, and coordinated the program such that the screenwriters wrote scenes for the directing students to direct the actors in – all culminating in…(Read More)

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The daughter of a South Vietnamese Army General is harrowingly airlifted out of Viet Nam during the Fall of Saigon to be later honored by Ronald Reagan as a “Great American Hero” in his State of the Union Address, her historic graduation from West Point was captured in this Pulitzer Prize-winning Life photo…(Read More)