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Storytelling MindMap - Heather ale

We all know that great writing comes from great rewriting. And that second acts are where the real writers live. All that’s true. So very true. But it’s also true that we can all be guilty of nursing a labor of love script to death. At some point, you just have to let…(Read More)

Yesterday, my watercolor teacher who ya’ll know I love so much, took our class on a field trip to the Watercolor West Annual Juried Exhibition in Orange County and to learn from a wonderful demonstration by Tony Sheets. So cool. Imagine being so good at your art that you could literally be in flow…(Read More)

PROGRAM LENGTH: (1 – 4 Hours; 24 hour, two-week session) Customizable sessions available. OBJECTIVE: Clearly understand the five “W”’s of Business Plans (Who, What, Where, When, Why – and How). Learn how to convey your mission and vision, establish your objectives, milestones and benchmarks, articulate your production and distribution strategies, write the most favorable bios…(Read More)

Write-Up: Classic story structure is a universal template for goal attainment. We learn through stories. Cavemen shared survival strategies around the campfire, morals have been passed down as bedtime fables through the generations and communities have long reinforced core cultural values through religious stories.  Modern movies are no exception. Once understood, you can draw…(Read More)

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Power Networking: The Secret Hollywood Code   Let Heather Hale, a veteran Hollywood insider, teach you the secrets of networking that empower YOU to supercharge your career. Hit the ground running — or reboot your enthusiasm. Learn how to break the ice and build rapport, team-network and work a room with your wingman, mine organizations…(Read More)

In the summer of 2010, Jeanene Tracy invited Valerie McCaffrey, Milton Justice and I to teach a wonderful weeklong braided retreat in Sydney, Australia, where we divvied up directing, acting and screenwriting, respectively, and coordinated the program such that the screenwriters wrote scenes for the directing students to direct the actors in – all culminating in…(Read More)