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Raw Assembly Done!


Yes, I know, my blog hasn’t caught up with all my travels! Yes, I know, I need to update ya’ll on the film status! Yes, I have a TON of photos and video and all sorts of updates to post! I will as soon as my feet touch ground! Little by little, I…(Read More)

While it’s admittedly a little intimidating and overwhelming to be shooting in less than a week (especially for our amazing Art Department, I’d imagine!), it’s mostly a relief to me because I’ve been chompin’ at the bit for two years now to get these characters (their worlds, situations and themes) up…(Read More)

In the summer of 2010, Jeanene Tracy invited Valerie McCaffrey, Milton Justice and I to teach a wonderful weeklong braided retreat in Sydney, Australia, where we divvied up directing, acting and screenwriting, respectively, and coordinated the program such that the screenwriters wrote scenes for the directing students to direct the actors in – all culminating in…(Read More)