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Still super exciting. As a long time screenwriting instructor/story analyst but first-time feature director, what has struck me as fascinating about this audition process is really how much it overlaps with screenwriting: two different interim crafts stepping towards the ultimate art of film. The first impressions of an actor auditioning (whether walking in…(Read More)

PROGRAM LENGTH: (1 – 4 Hours; 24 hour, two-week session) Customizable sessions available. OBJECTIVE: Clearly understand the five “W”’s of Business Plans (Who, What, Where, When, Why – and How). Learn how to convey your mission and vision, establish your objectives, milestones and benchmarks, articulate your production and distribution strategies, write the most favorable bios…(Read More)

Write-Up: Classic story structure is a universal template for goal attainment. We learn through stories. Cavemen shared survival strategies around the campfire, morals have been passed down as bedtime fables through the generations and communities have long reinforced core cultural values through religious stories.  Modern movies are no exception. Once understood, you can draw…(Read More)

  PowerNetworking From Afar Learn how to use all the PowerNetworking tools from anywhere in the world. Discover all the great resources available to you on the Internet, in trade papers and industry magazines, with your local Film Commissions, festivals and organizations to get you beeping on industry radars — and pinging your hit list…(Read More)

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Power Networking: The Secret Hollywood Code   Let Heather Hale, a veteran Hollywood insider, teach you the secrets of networking that empower YOU to supercharge your career. Hit the ground running — or reboot your enthusiasm. Learn how to break the ice and build rapport, team-network and work a room with your wingman, mine organizations…(Read More)

From Exile to Honor


The daughter of a South Vietnamese Army General is harrowingly airlifted out of Viet Nam during the Fall of Saigon to be later honored by Ronald Reagan as a “Great American Hero” in his State of the Union Address, her historic graduation from West Point was captured in this Pulitzer Prize-winning Life photo…(Read More)

The mother-daughter kitchen table start-up that sold for $75 million by bringing Chai tea out of the Himalayans and into coffee houses and grocery stores around the world. The I Love Lucy assembly-line humor is sharply contrasted by the profoundly unapologetic fly-on-the-wall glimpse into the harsh realities of start…(Read More)



How can we stop the world’s financial crisis from spiraling out of control? The twelve wealthiest and most influential families in the world handpick a group of highly trained specialists to devise a “global blueprint for success.” Once set in motion, the plan’s authors must be exterminated to hide the puppeteers’ identities and…(Read More)