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Dog & Pony Key Art Creative Brief

As promised in How to Work the Film & TV Markets: A Guide for Content CreatorsDog & Pony have generously shared with all of us a great gift: their five-page feature film key art creative brief. This same worksheet can be used for TV projects, books and even musicals and plays – just adjust the terminology.

I hope it is as instrumental a creative brainstorming tool as it has been to my teams and me. I find it helps us refine not only our personal and team’s key art tastes – and hone in on our project-specific goals, message and target audience – but it also really forces you to articulate your pitch through comps and images to achieve consistency across all your marketing deliverables.

Even if you can’t afford to do key art or at least aren’t at a point in the process where you’re ready for it yet, I have found having everyone on my core team complete this form independently — even just as an exercise — then discuss it — was invaluable to getting us all on the same page, speaking the same language. It helps to suss out really key differences we hadn’t realized were there in terms of how we each saw the project, enabling us to better align our shared vision. It’s also a great orientation tool to share completed with each Department Head as they come on board so they can get up to speed quickly with all the development work that’s gone on thus far. Priceless.

Please visit the page on Key Art for some full color examples and tips and tricks excerpted from How to Work the Film & TV Markets: A Guide for Content Creators.



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