I love to teach. It is perhaps my favorite thing to do. I call it “Edutaining” because I strive to make audiences laugh and cry, think and do. I want to inspire them to proactively make their dreams come true. Emotional engagement, intellectual stimulation and actively interacting with new skills are the most fun, effective and memorable ways to learn.

I’ve been blessed to be a popular motivational speaker all over the world. I have spoken in Kowloon, Hong Kong; Kobe, Japan; Barcelona, Spain; London, England; Dublin, Ireland; Sydney, Australia and Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been an entertainment industry Judge in Genoa, Italy and Marseille, France. I’ve spoken all over the United States for colleges and universities, corporations and non-profits on all aspects of the entertainment industry and artrepreneurship.

I teach relevant, practical and inspiring classes and custom retreats and workshops on everything from PowerNetworking and goal achievement to screenwriting, directing, writing and acting improv games, careers in the entertainment industry, blueprinting dream careers, investing in independent films and entrepreneurial skills including leadership, ethics, event planning, publicity, time and contact management and, inevitably, for everything: sales and marketing.

Partial List of Past Speaking Engagements

Universities, Colleges and Trade Schools

Film & TV Markets, Festivals and Writers Workshops


  • ABC Drama Department (Custom Executive Pitch Workshop)
  • AEON Corporation, Kobe, Japan
  • Allstate Market Research Department
  • American Savings Bank
  • Comedy Store, The (Stand-Up in the Main Room and Belly Room on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood)
  • GE Capital
  • Great Western Savings & Loan
  • Mazda
  • PMI Mortgage Insurance Company
  • Reebok
  • Sony
  • Washington Mutual Bank

Non-Profit Organizations