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Equity Investor Proposals

21 Hours 

A high-concept, contained-budget, action-packed thriller. The roller coaster suspense, spectacular stunts and visceral race action are peppered with intense but gore-free fight sequences, exhilarating and sexy enough for date night but still PG-13-friendly enough for the entire family.

When his dream car is hijacked, a high school football coach is seat belted in to a terrorist death trap and forced to play the unwilling suicide bomber in a Jihadist game of revenge roulette when he must race cross country in 21 hours flat to beat the clock to save his family – and his country.

Buckle up for the ride of your life.


Download 21 Hours‘ International Sales Agent’s Electronic Press Kit

Link to view: Available Upon Approved Request:
  • Screenplay
  • $9.5M Budget (50-pages of line itemed production hard costs)
  • Schedule
  • Day out of Days
  • Cast Wish List
  • Video Game Sizzle Reel

Once Again

After his life is cut short, the soul of an ex-rocker travels back in time for a second chance at his rock ‘n roll dreams and first love.

Comps Once, Whiplash, Winter’s Bone, Blue Valentine, Time Traveler’s Wife, Almost Famous

Premise: If you could go back and relive one moment in your life – when would that precise moment be? And what would you change?

Download Once Again‘s Equity Investor Proposal 

Synopsis: When he was just 13, Sam’s mother was killed in front of him. The spiral of grief and addiction then stole his father, followed by the love of his life and finally his 80s rock and roll dreams, leaving him disconnected from love and music for the rest of his life. But when Sam is killed in his prime, his soul finds a way back to his 23 year-old body – and a miraculous second chance to relive it all. Once Again is a gritty, unapologetic look at one man’s journey from a broken childhood, through a hedonistic youth to an alienated adulthood – and back again. It tracks how he deals with tragedy, loss, addiction and love until one fateful day, his accidental, in-his-prime death gifts him with a surreal second chance – a “do over” – to re-emerge into one key milestone moment – and what he might’ve been able to do differently.

Breaking News

A long-time unemployed but newly homeless father hijacks a local TV news station in a desperate attempt to offer his estranged (but now hostaged) wife the “once-in-a-lifetime” scoop to launch her career as a rookie reporter so she can provide for their children’s futures – with or without him.




Download Breaking News‘ Equity Investor / Co-Production Proposal  








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