First Auditions Today

Today we had our first auditions for Absolute Killers (akaWitness Insecurity and Snitch)

What a ball!

You know how people say: “Be careful what you wish for…?”


Wish big!

We all wonder if all this hard work will someday be worth it?

It is.

Today was just delightful!

Auditions are an amazing, wonderful experience – especially for a writer!

Talented actor after actor came in, reading lines my writing partner and I had written, debated, argued over, changed – changed back – and changed again (and will likely change some more!).

All these unique and interesting actors got the dialogue up on its feet and brought the characters to life. It was so cool.

“Wow,” I thought to myself, “these are real people.” And I don’t mean the actors – they suddenly became transparent – and disappeared – as they brought forth these characters we’d created – who’d been living in our imaginations – and they suddenly became real. They took on new shapes, colors and mannerisms in ways we hadn’t dictated or expected. It was wonderful to hear different voices and accents I hadn’t anticipated, to see the wildly different interpretations.

Of course, I “expected” all this. Sure. But heck, for a writer? Wow. You’re like a giddy kid in a candy store when every ten minutes, in through that door walks another variation of one of your characters – one after another after another – smiling, strutting, showing you who’s in control now. We winced as we watched them squirm and lie in their most conflict-riddled moments, laughed as they flirted sexier than I had pictured. I found myself worrying for the families of even the minor characters who were never even created because these actors made their subtextual backstories so present and suddenly – you’re picturing it all.

I can’t wait to shoot it!

And bring all this talent together with the amazing crew that’s already busily contributing their skills and expertise to bring our shared vision to life.

So, so, so cool.

I wish I could tell you some of the people I had meetings with or who came in or who we’re making offers to but it’s prudent to keep my mouth shut ’til we’ve inked the deals.

(I haven’t even been able to shout from the mountaintops who optioned another screenplay of mine! It’s all inked and notarized and Fed Ex’ed – but these gag orders are killing me!)

By Heather