Heather is always delighted to work with great people on terrific projects (especially funded, distribution-secured, marketable ones!).

If you are a Producer

…looking to hire a ____________ for your project(s)…

  • Director
  • Screenwriter (or Co-Writer, GhostWriter, Author, or Writer’s Coach/Mentor)
  • Creative & Marketing Consultant
  • Line Producer
  • Producing Partner (Co-Producer or Associate Producer)
  • Producer of Marketing & Distribution
  • Script Supervisor

…looking for great ___________ to buy or option…

  • Feature Screenplays
  • TV Projects

…with a ____________ to adapt to the big, little or second screen…

  • True Life Story
  • Novel
  • Other Asset

…with a(n) ______________ to develop

  • TV Series Concept
  • Event

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