GATE 2 – What an Amazing Event! ;-)

GATE (the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment) is a nonprofit 501c(6) membership trade association that strives to inspire and empower professionals in the media, entertainment and arts to consciously create and distribute transformational content. Founded by visionary Chairman and CEO, John Raatz, last night’s “coming out” event brought “the tribe” together to activate and catalyze a communal intent and focus – and boy did they deliver!

Here’s a speed review of some of the highlights. I couldn’t possibly do justice to the amazing experience and have only skimmed the surface herein by mentioning a handful of the thought-provoking speakers and entertaining performers – but hopefully our unified communal focused intention, actions and creations WILL do justice to honor their mission.

To serve as a threshold from the busy day of workshops to the night’s presentations, a beautiful interlude from 10 year-old piano prodigy, Jahan Raymond set the stage for Rafael Bejarano who ushered in visceral focused attention with his amazing command of the Aboriginal Didgeridoo and fluidly passed the musical torch on over to Damien Rose, whose Tibetan Bowl playing ensured we were all resonating on the same frequency – or at least encouraged further steps on that journey.

Our emcee, comedian Louie Anderson, struck the perfect chord, delicately transitioning between the serious calls to action (and their prerequisite philosophical paradigm shifts) – and music, video, poetry – and quantum physics – with raucous laughter.

Edward James Olmos kicked the event off discussing the social responsibility of entertainment, media and the arts. Marta Mobley (Producer: Amish Grace) set the stage ably by calling upon the audience to focus on the triumphs of life instead of the tragedies.

Then, we were treated to a Goddess of a violinist, Lili Hadyn followed by the most hysterical Quantum Physicist, the brilliant Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D. (Perhaps his insight comes from his having dallied in acid? 😉

Next came a video greeting from Annie Lennox then the heartfelt Gary Zukav who proffered an interesting perspective: “the pain you’re feeling in your life is the distance between you and your potential.”

Up next was poet Drew Dellinger with a video-backdropped reading of his beautiful poem, Hieroglyphic Stairway, that starts: “It’s 3:23 in the morning/and I’m awake/because my great great grandchildren/won’t let me sleep/my great great grandchildren ask me in dreams/what did you do while the planet was plundered?/what did you do while the earth was unraveling?…what did you do/once/you/ knew?”

Wade Colwell-Sandoval and Baba Oyadare Ranson III of Funkamentalz got the whole audience on their feet, singing the refrain “Worldside Worldside” (as opposed to Westside or Eastside, etc.) to their funkalicious song that acknowledge-raps all 196 countries of the world in alphabetical order.

The beautiful and uber-green Frances Fisher (who I “auditioned” (took a meeting with) for Snitch and can’t wait to cast in something!) shared a few words that led into a great, long hug from the illumined Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements) who reminded us: “We are artists who create our own realities. Words are our tools. Be impeccable.”

Dara Marks (who I was honored to work with on her instant screenwriting classic, Inside Story, born out of her PhD in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute), likened story to the human instruction manual. She shared a personal story about her son’s BMX gift that sat in pieces in the garage for years, warning us that if cultures poorly assemble their stories, they won’t “catch air.”

Comedian Kyle Cease took the stage next, and commented how he’s often been told he could be the love child of Eckhart Tolle and Jim Carrey – and there he was, performing for them both sitting in seats right in front of him. He went off on a whole riff about how ironic it was he listened to Eckhart’s audio book on the drive over to contend with the intimidation factor of performing for him…NOW.

The imitable eighty-three-year-old Barbara Marx Hubbard offered advice to visionaries: Don’t die. (i.e.: manage to stay healthy enough to stick around as long as you can to reap the fruits of your decades of effort!. Born on 12/22/29, she’s ironically set a huge birthday event and Day One for the planetary shift for 12/22/12 (supposedly the end of the world).

Ash Ruiz and Faith Rivera sang to us that “Only a new seed can yield a new crop.”

Marianne Williamson was amazing, as always, and Jean Houston admonished social and fine artists alike to “Stop boring God!” (with our petty issues – raise the bar on the battles we’re fighting). She clarified that storytellers “are the mything links.” Apparently it took emergencies – socioeconomic, political, environmental, etc. – to bring about our emergence – so bring it on!

We thought Eckhart Tolle would be next – but Honorary GATE Founder Jim Carrey came out, impersonating Eckhart – which was hysterical. After a surprisingly playful Eckhart kicked Carrey off the stage, Eckhart explained that Jim Carrey had been teaching him facial expressions backstage. Priceless. 🙂

Jim Carrey (who’s art graced the lobby) was supposed to close the night before 11 PM – but at about 2 AM, he came out (again) to give us today’s SuperBowl score! (Teasing we’d been there all night and the game had started!)

Speaking of which, SuperBowl XLVI is afoot (it’s 9-3 and the Giants are winning – I’ve got it on in the background, relaxing with my Scottish Footballer on the couch next to me 😉 so I’ll get back to that – and get on the projects that Gate II so inspired!

A special thank you to Kate McCallum, one of our beloved 2012 MasterMinders – and also a member of the GATE Leadership Circle – who raised all our awareness by inviting us to this life-changing event!


Now, let’s see what we do with it!

By Heather