How to Work the Film & TV Markets: A Guide for Content Creators

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How to Work the Film and TV Markets is a guidebook for content creators that provides a “Big Picture” orientation and overview of the converging industries of film, television and Internet media. Part compendium, it offers concise but detailed information on the most important markets and key ancillary events. Part dossier, it surveys all the usual players found on all these market floors. Part “How To” Manual, it explains not only the traditional rules of the game but includes clever “Do It Yourself” strategies if you opt to avoid these scenes altogether or augment those efforts.

Executive Summary with Chapter Abstracts

An Online Companion Resource

Covering the entire global marketplace all in one book was an ambitious undertaking. These markets are moving targets on constantly shifting (and colliding) technological, economic and social landscapes. And while books – as a literary form – afford the luxury of time and space (so precious in our short-attention span, nano-second world) to put expansive material into context and do deep dives into specific topics, they literally start to become stale-dated upon publishing. Thus, to supplement this monumental effort, I have compiled these quick, “at-a-glance” reference guides to not only help put all these pieces into perspective but will maintain them as an updated clearinghouse for market information.

Resources Referenced in the Book

Film & TV Market Annual Event Calendar

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Annual Calendar

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