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For Jane Friedman’s “5 On” series, author Chris Jane asks Heather 5 questions on writing including: the top five mistakes screenwriters make, the usefulness of online script databases and how to approach a first screenwriting contract.

Heather Hale's 5 On with Chris Jane for Jane Friedman

  1. What movie or movies ignited your interest in screenwriting and what was your very first (even if it ended up in a drawer) screenplay about?
  2. How much voice freedom does a screenwriter have and how important (or not) is vivid, beautiful writing if the story itself is good?
  3. Outside of formatting issues, what are the five most common mistakes new screenwriters make in the writing of the script?
  4. Loglines seem like they should be easy to write. Why aren’t they, and what advice can you offer that will make them easier?
  5. Is there a screenplay you can point to that screenwriters writing today should read simply as a fine example of screenwriting? Not necessarily to emulate (each person is his or her own writer), but to learn from and appreciate?

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