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As many of you know, I’m an aspiring watercolorist. It’s rare that I ever feel any of my work is worthy of sharing with anyone. I’m mostly just in the trial and error learning stages as I find my way but so many of you have been so supportive, every here and there I like to check in with ya’ll on my progress and share what I’m working on and more importantly – what I’m learning.

One of the hardest things with watercolor is to know when to STOP! Before  you muddy it up. A bit like life.

So, this is a painting I like.

I think.

I’m not sure if it’s done or not.

My teacher encouraged me to frame it and set it aside where I could study it and give it a breather to see if over time I can begin to overlook the niggling little errors and appreciate it as a whole just for what it is. (Not what I had visions of and hoped it would be).

It’s amazing how much a little space and distance can help you forget all that you were so intent on trying to achieve and execute and just appreciate what you ended up with.

Just like a film. Or a script. Or a relationship. Or any other worthwhile endeavor.

If anything, watercolor is teaching me to just let it flow! Enjoy the process. Appreciate what comes naturally. Celebrate the lucky little miracle mistakes along the way. Forgive yourself for every last little thing that didn’t go your way – and let it go. You can’t control water! And the merging of colors in ways you could never have imagined or forced is just divine.

Here’s my new little “art studio” I’ve crammed into a corner of my writing home office.

It’ll do for now.


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