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I love to travel to teach at film festivals and writers workshops all over the globe! But screenwriters and filmmakers often ask me if I ever teach online. Well, I’ve started doing just that as well as teaching live webinars and recording tutorials. Here’s some info on what I’ve been working on recently – and what’s coming up soon!


Upcoming Online Classes:


Recent Testimonials:
(From the current TV Spec Script class)


“I wasn’t sure if I should take Heather Hale’s class because I considered myself a seasoned vet of multiple genres over ten years on the way to success but after taking her class, for the first time, I am sure that as a writer, I am going to finish exactly where I want to. Well worth the time and money. Thanks, Heather!”

~ Corey

“After going through this class, I am feeling in my bones how a script is structured. Like most writers, I love ideas and characters and plot. I took this class because I knew I was throwing all those things together in a way that wasn’t making sense as a script. The process was a revelation and I’m confident that I can create marketable spec scripts. Heather is a very positive instructor, catches where the story is headed off base, and is always ready to help. I think I will repeat the class just to go through the process on a different length, different genre script.”

~ LJ

Also, check out my Producer’s POV column in Script Magazine. And feel free to shoot column questions, topics or ideas!


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