Once Again – Proposed Schedule

ASAP Secure financing, solicit pre-sales, distribution interest and vet casting wish lists with core territory ISAs.
Weeks 1- 3 SOFT-PREP: Open bank account (2-signature w/Equity Investor, Line Producer, David and/or Heather); retain entertainment attorney, prepare all legal docs, form LLC. Negotiate with Casting Director (Valerie McCaffrey), secure marquis value cast. Begin social media campaign, interview prospective social media team members and design website (using Dog & Pony’s key art). Break down script. Newly hired Line Producer will refine the schedule and production budget, research and secure tax credits, location scout, determine shooting locations. Team will establish potential ancillary rights liquidation plan (including retail, web, TV, radio and print promotion), solicit brand/merchandising product placement and/or marketing partners, negotiate soundtrack and music deals. Interview potential department heads.
Weeks 4 & 5 PRE-PRODUCTION: Set up production offices. Hire Department Heads: they will co-interview 1st, 2nds, PAs and interns. Audition and cast, handle SAG paperwork. Strategize and plan new Key Art integrating stars. Solicit domestic and international distribution based on talent. Location tech scout and storyboard complicated sequences. David M. Jack and/or Heather Hale to Complete talent-specific and/or location/logistics-specific rewrites of the screenplay. Launch IndieGogo campaign with one-month Director’s Diary, Department Heads’ POVs and Talent and Affinity Journals to sustain six-week initial campaign.
Week 6 PRE-PRODUCTION: Final script polish, lock shooting script, submit any additional information necessary to secure official approval of tax incentives.
Week 7 PRODUCTION: Keys officially hire department crew, cast table read, on-location rehearsals with cast and crew.

Estimated: 25-day shoot (five 5-day work weeks)

Full-time/real time Behind the Scenes Social Media and PR promotion      Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Periscope, etc.

Principal Photography Week #1 Present Day time period w/Adult Sam, money shots with stars, scenes w/Kelly, Jill, Crazy Dude, taxi accident/Adult Sam’s death, edit together 1st week of dailies to tease distributors and ISAs (or offer for their own pre-promotion purposes) and do photography for new key art.
Principal Photography Week #2 1989 time period w/Teen Sam: suburban neighborhood, Corvette scenes, Laura’s death, Robert’s spiral, Teen Sam and Teen Mike learning to play the musical instruments and do drugs.

1999 time period w/Sam and Amy 1st life, money shots with stars, corvette scenes, scenes w/Robert, John Davis, Amy’s OD, Charlene as an EMT

Principal Photography Week #3 1999 time period w/Sam and Amy 2nd Life, Children’s Hospital scenes, Charlene as Amy’s friend.
Principal Photography Week #4 Shift to week of nights, rock performances, Paul, Noel, Frankie, revised relationship w/Robert.
Months 4 – 8 POST-PRODUCTION; Edit, launch festival/marketing social media campaign, transfer all crowdfunding leads to website and engage on other social media platforms w/one campaign manager/platform expert and at least one cast/crew ambassador per platform (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Stage 32, Slated, Google Plus, LinkedIn, YouTube) and affinity groups (rock music, 80s music, 90s music, Christian rock music, Christian community, children’s cancer hospital, drummers, corvette buffs, etc.).
Month 9 Distribution Strategies

(Depending on timing and Distributor/ISA strategy)

1.     Ideally a mini major distributor or a solid boutique domestic distributor and an International Sales Agent commit and we shoot for a Midnight Madness premier at the Toronto International Film Festival OR a premiere at the Berlin Film Festival/European Film Market;

2.     If we’re unrepped at the master stage: we throw a big premiere party with the band playing live (and a booze sponsor) at South By Southwest to try to secure buzz w/a heavy hitter publicist retained for month before and after, sell schwag and soundtracks.

TBD Capital Recoupment and Profit Realized

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