Pitching TV Shows

I’ve been helping dozens of Reality TV Content Creators get ready to pitch at NATPE’s  PRO Pitch.

I’ve been helping them re-edit their sizzle reels, rewrite their one-sheets, practice their pitches and in some cases, even really re-evaluate and figure out what it is they’re actually trying to pitch (i.e.: existing footage to be re-purposed or translated for other territories, themselves as a host or segment guest part, a replicable format, or a show they want a financier or distributor to commit to develop or co-produce).

To that end, there are some past blogs that have been helpful to many, so I thought I’d share ‘em with you all (in some cases, again):

And here’s a Brown Bag Lunch video interview I did with NATPE a couple of years ago (during the one month I thought I’d try being a brunette! 😉 Wasn’t my best look – but the content is good!)

By Heather