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PowerNetworking Series


PowerNetworking From Afar

Learn how to use all the PowerNetworking tools from anywhere in the world. Discover all the great resources available to you on the Internet, in trade papers and industry magazines, with your local Film Commissions, festivals and organizations to get you beeping on industry radars — and pinging your hit list and web of relationships. Learn the secrets of making it in Hollywood (or any film community) without leaving your safety net, job security and social structure. Or, get tips and tricks for breaking in if you are willing (or planning) to move — and exit strategies if you can’t wait to get back home.


PowerNetworking: Time & Contact Management

What’s the point of gathering and making contacts if you aren’t going to cultivate them into relationships? We all have the same 24 hours in each day but how is it that some people seem to lap us in productivity circles?  Learn how to get it all together with insightful real-world techniques. You set your priorities — not other people – or crises. Learn how to keep what’s truly important at the top of your list – and get it ALL done! There are tools and systems. Use them. Learn them. These skills will help you for the rest of your life — in everything you do.

PowerNetworking: Build, Empower and Lead Your Team

Recruit Smart. Orient Well. Manage Easy. Great leaders know to surround themselves with great people – and give them the freedom to excel. Don’t do everything yourself. Learn how to LEAD. How to MANAGE. How to avoid burn-out and resentment in others – and yourself. Discover creative new ways to track down the right people, inspire the best in them - and create the most effective group dynamic possible.


From Buzz to Product Placement, discover new resources and strategies to create “buzz” for your programs. Figure out clever ways of getting Corporate Sponsorship and integrating multi-media and ancillary marketing campaigns to raise money, awareness and attendance. Learn about the all important “list” and how to create “heat” for you and your projects.


PowerNetworking: Making the Connections

Take what you’ve learned in the other PowerNetworking classes a step further and apply those resourceful research techniques and performance strategies to track down A-List celebrities, high profile authors or athletes or other Pie-in-the-Sky dream attachments, investors or mentors. Take it all to the next level — learn how to follow-up — when, where, why — and how. Get on the Hollywood radar and learn how to effectively ping your web of relationships.


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