Psychic Calls Cat

Funny story: I have a psychic. A good psychic. Katherine Jones. Who I call, oh, about once or twice a year to check in on what the heck is going on in my life. Now, there are many of you who probably don’t believe in psychics or worse: may find them sacrilegious. I am not of that school. Don’t get me wrong, there are a ton of charlatans out there but I’d argue there are no more or less in the “New Age” arena than there are in Hollywood or on Wall Street or Madison Avenue (or let’s be honest: within the community of self-proclaimed “good” Christians) – so let’s not waste our time or energy on that little debate.

To me, psychics, Feng Shui, Astrology, Reiki – are all thousands of years old, cross-cultural methods of simply getting in tune with your higher self, trusting your intuition, clarifying your intentions and arranging your life around what matters to achieve your highest and best purpose. I don’t live my life by these art forms but I certainly find them fascinating and thought-provoking and worth considering (right alongside my HP12C and Excel spreadsheets).


So, enough caveats: on with my sweet psychic story…

Katherine tells me she “sees” a black and white cat with white booties curled up, kickin’ back on a big purple pillow on our couch. Now, mind you, those of you who know me know I’m a big-time Ailurophile (cat lover – all animals, really) but being a traveling dervish, independent felines tend to fend for themselves better within my current lifestyle and logistics than say a puppy (or fish or plants, for that matter). [2017 Update: we threw all that to the wind! We now have three ginger cats, a koi pond with a dozen fish, a water garden and organic garden].

If you know me personally, you’d also know that last year [2009], we heartbreakingly lost two beloved 15-year-long best friend siblings [Tsuki and Luna], so I am (for perhaps the first time in my life?!) currently cat-less. And this has become a daily query for Billy and I: should we get a new kitty? Two? (To keep one another company when we travel?) Or wait ’til we have a house? Or are at least SETTLED!?

But we JUST MOVED [to Marina Del Rey].

Days ago…

…which brings me back to my psychic/cat story…

So, with moving boxes left and right – and the patio door open…


THE DAY AFTER Katherine told me she “saw” a white and black cat with white socked paws curled up on our couch on a purple pillow…

…in struts apparently the confident, neighborhood affection-whore 🙂 and…you got it…

He (we don’t even know his name – but we do know he’s a boy) climbed right on up to our couch – and sat right down on our big purple pillow (my mom sewed it for me to meditate – never quite get around to it!) – and started preening himself!

He has adopted us.

We are sure he has parents around here somewhere – he’s too darn well-fed to be a stray. I think he’s worked out the “my parents work full-time” versus “this loving couple seems to be home every time I walk by” system of cat day/night bigamy. If you are his owner, we’re sorry, we cannot control his cheating, meandering ways.

I’m not sure if we will oust him with our own official new cat before he gets too comfortable or territorial or just borrow this one ’til we can afford our own home with a garden [Yay!] but I do know that Katherine called this – yesterday – just like she called out – oddly, my marlin fishing and Nadine’s Rum Raisin Hagen Daz and my pending and repeating toe surgery and so many other random things.

Just thought this was kind of fun and that you might enjoy the story.

If you call Katherine – tell her I sent you (‘course, she’ll already know that!)


By Heather