Queen of Harts – Breakdowns





Sean / SeandaLeer Lead Protagonist, male (30 – 40) Fit and athletic, loves sports, is gay but does not play into any gay stereotypes.  As the successful Drag Queen, SeandaLeer, he has a cult following thanks to his popular cable television show. The picture of duality, it’s as if his masculine and feminine sides are fighting for dominance. He constantly struggles with not fitting in anywhere. As a man, as a woman, even in his own LGBT community, he faces prejudice and discrimination.  The internal conflict is so great that he eventually feels the need to let it all go and attempt to live life as a “normal” gay man.

NOTES: While it’s our preference that the actor be a triple threat and can sing and dance, Sean’s ability to pass as a convincing woman is more important as he spends the bulk of the movie stuck in his cross-dressed character (against his will) and challenges the sexual orientation of a struggling gay man (George) who falls in love with Seanda as a woman and has no idea he is a man (nor do most of the residents of the Mississippi town he returns to).  A body double can be used, if need be, for the more masculine images and he can emcee the drag queen show if he can’t sing or dance.


Joey Lead (plays 15-18).  Small, frail, slightly effeminate. Joey has never been able to hide his natural homosexual demeanor which makes him an easy target for bullies who feel it their obligation to beat him into the traditional male role. He is neither closeted nor openly gay, he’s just trying to get through high school.  The path of least resistance for him is to be passive and not fight back. Like Sean, he too, longs to find a place where he can fit in. In an effort to prove himself to his crush (Evan), he tries out for a post-season replacement kicker on the football team – and makes it.  The thrill of belonging wakens a fighting spirit in him, which causes him to take chances with who he his is and how open he can be.


Evan Lead, Joey’s Love Interest/Antagonist. Male (plays 16-18).  Well-built, handsome, all American football player. Alpha male leader, popular and admired, though not a soul at his high school knows he’s a closeted homosexual struggling desperately against his identity. He uses his machismo to detract detection, forcing him to sometimes publicly bully the one person he truly respects in an effort to suppress his burgeoning feelings for him (Joey). Evan must walk that fine line between being the asshole we all knew in high school without alienating the audience’s empathy as he’s just trying to figure it all out for himself and there aren’t guidebooks to help any of us through this stuff.


Bill Supporting. Male (40-50).  Sean’s professional manager, older mentor and friend.  A gay male whore.  While neither fit nor strikingly handsome, Bill carries himself with the confidence of someone who cannot fail with men – and never, ever does.  He was the one who took Sean in when he was the new kid in the city and groomed him to be the star he is now.


George Supporting. Sean’s Love Interest. Male (25-35).  Sweet, man-boy next door.  George is set up with Seanda by his well-meaning mother who is in denial about George’s homosexuality and believes (along with the whole town of Harts) that Seanda is a woman.  While George generally keeps his distance in the awkward times he finds himself on dates with Seanda, he finds himself confused about his orientation as he falls in love with her, unaware she’s a he.


Barbara Supporting.  Female (15-18).   A masculine lesbian, Barbara is Joey’s best friend and protector.  Like Joey, she is unable to flaunt her sexuality due to her small-town location but she is still a target for verbal harassment.  Unlike Joey, she is better able to fight back.  She carries a tough, indifferent attitude to her treatment, but like everyone, she truly longs to fit in and be accepted.


Mike Supporting.  Evan’s father/Antagonist. Male (40’s).  Well-built (or formerly well-built) and macho.  A complex character, Mike is a loving father, who keeps affection at an appropriate distance as emotions are not what make a man.  He is stern with a short temper.  A former high school football player, Mike is determined to make sure that Evan appreciates his opportunities and shines in what he remembers as the best times of his own life.  He pushes Evan to be his best and doesn’t take excuses for failure.


Coach Supporting.  Antagonist.  Male (40-60).  Macho.  Feared.  Respected.  The ultimate competitor.  Coach is always focused on the win.  Distinguished in his football loving town, he is able to get away with tactics that seem extreme.  He uses pain as discipline and is not afraid to manipulate to keep his players under his thumb.


Therapist Supporting.  Male or Female (50’s).  Our film’s Greek Chorus and transitional device throughout the film, flashback clips with Seanda’s therapy sessions add emphasis or counterpoint commentary to the present situation and comedic relief.  The Therapist takes his/her job very seriously, which adds to the amusement as (s)he searches deep within his/her training to come up with pearls of wisdom for Sean to ponder.  The Therapist does finally help out with a great insight in the final scene, empowering Seanda to have the courage to accept himself for who he is.


Alice Minor/Supporting.  George’s mother.  Female (50’s).  Well-meaning, she secretly knows her son is gay but thinks the right woman, Seanda, can snap him out of it.  She falls for Seanda just as her son does and comes to terms with who he is and their budding romance that she initiated.


Joey’s Mom Minor/Supporting. Female (30-40).  A career woman, an Officer with the State Police and single mom.  She works nights and spends as much time as she can with her son.  She has had to fight a lifetime of sexism to rise in the ranks of her career.  Thankfully, Joey has earned her trust which gives him his independence and allows her to support the family without guilt.


Attorney Minor/Supporting.  Male (60’s).  Fatherly.  Should be able to handle a slight Southern accent as he will be the first voice we hear from Mississippi.