Queen of Harts Synopsis



SEAN has risen to the top of the Drag Queen world with his iconic alter ego, SEANdaLEER.  Yet the nightclub performer and television host finds that fame and fortune don’t provide the happiness he had hoped as a constant battle wages between his masculine and feminine sides.  After experiencing a lifetime of prejudice, even within his own gay community, Sean’s ready to give it up and throw in the wig.  When the death of his estranged father drags him back to their tiny Mississippi farm town to settle the estate, he thinks he’s found the chance to butch it up and just fit in.

Unfortunately, when the neighborhood welcome wagon comes calling to offer their condolences, he’s dressed in character to tape his hiatus show. Great. Now, he has to spend the entire month not only passing as a real woman 24/7 – but harvesting a citrus orchard in drag. Seriously?

He hits Harts, Mississippi at the peak of football fever. Their high school team has earned a spot in the state quarterfinals and everyone’s hopes and dreams ride on the back of EVAN, the gorgeous alpha male quarterback, who is also the secret crush of JOEY, the effeminate outcast who is accustomed to being the target of bullying at school. When sexually-conflicted Evan sets up a blind Internet date in the hopes of satisfying what has become an irrepressible, yet unacceptable urge, he is mortified to discover his date is Joey – that scrawny kid from school all his buddies pick on. With Evan’s suppressed secret now in jeopardy, he crumbles under the pressure of all that he is expected to be – in stark contrast to Joey who inspires him just by being himself – and facing the heat for it every day.

While Seanda unsuccessfully tries to lay low, he is recognized by several cheerleaders who are fans of his show.  They want him to be the first celebrity DJ to host their prom and turn to the suddenly popular Joey for access thanks to his proximity as Seanda’s new next-door neighbor. To further complicate his already messy life, Seanda is set up on a date with hunky GEORGE who seems to have little to no interest in him other than harvesting the oranges. Literally. Too bad, cause he’s hot – and they really seem to hit it off.

Life in the South can be dangerous for homosexuals as Sean knows only too well.  He takes Joey under his wing, who flourishes with their friendship and begins to stand up to the bullying he’s always tolerated.  As Evan discovers he can no longer fight who he truly is, Joey pursues the possibility of his dream romance but the reality of what’s at stake scares Evan further back into the closet.

Fearing he’s going to lose his love, Joey makes the daring step of trying out for the football team as a replacement kicker and turns to Sean’s past football experience to make the team. Shocking and impressing everyone when he shows tremendous natural ability and saves the day in the semi-finals with a game-winning field goal, Joey is ill-prepared for the ferocity of homophobia he confronts in COACH and his new teammates.

Joey is victimized in a violent hitting drill that lands him in the hospital – and leaves Sean at the end of his rope. The danger is real to all of them as Evan is scheduled for a treatment camp and Sean is genuinely threatened with arrest for pedophilia for spending too much time “mentoring” underaged teens if he doesn’t get the hell out of Harts.

The night of the Prom, Sean must decide whether to skip this town he always hated anyway to save his own skin or stay and help his new friends fight the prejudice he has faced his whole life. After a lot of soul searching, Sean decides to stay and finally face the demons that drove him away from home when he was a Joey’s age – but truth be told, continue to torment him everywhere he goes even to this day.  The homophobes are out in full force on prom night but thankfully, Sean is joined by his off-Broadway drag queen review friends from back home who show up in their full-stocking regalia to save the day!