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Sample Client Projects


Million Dollar Cup of Tea is the true life story of the mother-daughter kitchen table start-up that grew into a $75 million dollar business by introducing chai tea to America. The Oregon Chai C0-Founder Tedde McMillen (the “Mom”) was so happy with our collaboration that she very generously thanked me, the ghostwriter for hire, with a “with” cover credit as a delightful publishing surprise! Their story would make a terrific female driven entrepreneurial MOW or a really fun Dramedy TV Series!


Frank McAdams hired me to edit both of his books The American War Film: History and Hollywood and the true crime drama, Final Affair, which would also make a terrific Movie of the Week adaptation of a man slowly, meticulously murdering his wife (his third marital victim!)



I edited Dara Marks’ Inside Story and helped her unify her brand from book cover through website to planning, launching and implementing her book signing and speaking tour, including assisting her on her first few seminars.

I helped Pegi Handley turn her horrific true-life story and self-published book What’s a Birthday, Mama? into a television episode (#105) of The Evidence.



I helped one client develop his Christian-themed, self-published book, Witness Insecurity, into the feature film, Absolute Killers.



I helped another client develop an investor’s website and presentation for his award-winning LGBT RomCom, Queen of Harts. Feel free to check out the synopsis and breakdowns. This is a project I’d love to direct!

For the late John Ridings Lee, Jr., CEO of the non-profit Center for Economic and Financial Performance, I ghostwrote The U.S. Economy: A User’s Manual based on his patented economic indicator, CEPPI. I set up his WordPress sites for his Economic Thoughts blogs (which my father ghostwrote) as well as for his contemporary fine art. I also developed several television scripts for Ridings Mackler Entertainment, his development and packaging entertainment industry production company affiliated with his brother’s hedge fund.


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