Selling My Beloved Library on Amazon

So, when Billy and I last moved, my big studly Scotsman gently pointed out that we had moved (not like he was counting ’em) — well, yeah he was: 65 banker’s boxes of books.


…and that’s after donating the half I didn’t want…

Don’t even get my poor brother started on how many times he’s helped me move my collection as it grew!

So, I decided it’s probably high time for this little voracious reader to start culling. I organized and sorted and have started – slowly – at the great urging of my dear beau – posting them on I’m trying to get a box a week up there but if you’re curious as to my progress (or want to browse my storefront), you can visit my Beloved Library if you like. (Click on PRODUCTS and you’ll see about 27 PAGES of USED BOOKS!)

I’ve read a lot of entertainment industry and screenwriting books, used cookbooks from around the world, toyed with a lot of art books (most of the best ones I’m still keeping ;-)) and of course novels, classics, poetry and plays (have you seen how many college textbooks English majors collect? I mean, c’mon!). They’re all so hard to part with!

Thanks to mom, I’ve inherited a lot of cool books on UFOs, Feng Shui, Astrology and dream interpretation and dad has ensured my exposure has been balanced by handing me down books on the economy, politics, history, philosophy and sales. Every health craze and breakthrough is in there, too, I’m sure.

Maybe I’ll even post SOME of my board games if I can get Billy to post SOME of his motorcycle and electronics stuff? Then, some day, we’ll have that spotless wood floored pad with white furniture you see in the magazines. Ya think? 😉 Nah…our dream home’ll have a tree growing up through the library for the cats and me to reach the higher shelves – or kick back on a hammock! 😉

Anyway, I’m really posting just to share my seller’s experience thus far because it’s been interesting (more so emotionally than financially), but I thought some of you might laugh or be inspired or even vindicated by it.

The very first book I posted got sold before I even finished posting the rest of the box! And I freaked! LOL! I hadn’t finished reading it! I just picked it up off my nightstand to prime the pump, figuring I could finish it before it sold. I quickly scrambled to push a button and cancel the order! LOL! 😉

Some seller I’ll make! (Billy just rolled his eyes).

The second one? I took a deep breath (with Billy’s help) and deigned to actually consummate the transaction – and ship my baby away (but only after – don’t tell him – I put it on Hold at the local library to read it again!) LOL! (I know, I know – it defeats the purpose if one book comes in for everyone that goes out!)

I’m really not a hoarder, I promise. 😉 It’s “just books.” (but it starts somewhere, doesn’t it!? 😉 Hey: I’m a writer. Which in most cases – hopefully – means you’re a reader. That’s my excuse. But, this poor reader has run out of bookshelves, square footage (and her significant other’s patience!)

So…on I post.

And the books are selling.

About one a week.

And now, my heart only breaks here and there – as the fond memories flood back (or I scramble to re-read before the shipping deadline!)

If this pace is maintained, selling about a book a week for about $7 a pop – about a dollar a day – I can almost cover one month of self-employed health insurance that covers nothing. By selling things I love. Welcome to the new (false) economy. ;-/

Actually, the money is the smallest incentive. I’m really actually glad to be clearing house – and it beats a garage sale every weekend! But more so, it makes me happy that someone who’s actually out there, scouring the Internet, actively searching for exactly a book that’s collecting dust on my shelves – is delighted to get that brown paper package tied up in a branded smiley face in the mail. I try to thank each buyer personally – so it is broadening my network and bringing a little bit of Feng Shui joy into both our worlds.

So for that reason alone, it’s worth it.

And every old book penny…goes to new watercolor paint.

(That’s how I’m getting through it!)

By Heather