Consulting Testimonials

TV Consulting

“My chat with Heather was incredibly informative and productive. She really helped me understand how to sharpen the focus on my project. Upon looking at the attachments she sent afterwards, I realized how she really worked this through. Well worth the consulting fee! She’d definitely be my first pick to help me produce!”

Philemon Venderbeck
ShowBiz Mensans
Elemental Entertainment
Ghost Train
Paranormal Travel Reality Show

“Heather seems to have effortlessly mastered many diverse skills in the entertainment industry and has earned her many well-deserved awards. Not only an amazing woman, she is also an amazing talent, to be sure! I am thrilled to recommend Heather for her many unique and diverse entertainment skills.

Victoria Taylor Murray
International Bestselling Author, Publishing Company CEO

“I will always be a number one fan of Heather Hale! A fine example of an outstandingly talented individual whose input brings nothing but quality and class.”

Valerie Stilwell
Interstitial Producer, Oregon

Film Consulting

“When I began developing a project bigger than anything I had tackled before, my development team hired Heather Hale to help us work through a list of questions we had about marketability, project image and how to approach major talent with our script. Heather knocked us out with a clear and precise overview of our project website, which immediately helped us notch up the professionalism of our presentation. Heather’s insight was indispensable as we formed our step-by-step plan for how to approach major talent. She took all the mystery out of it for us! Heather’s nuts-and-bolts input gave us precise answers to the questions we had hanging over our heads for months. Heather provided us pages of notes and information on the actors we were interested in, data on many other films shot in our state that we could compare ours to and how to use the info to better help us shape our own pitch and company image.

Between her notes and a phone call, I had all the answers I needed to proceed confidently with the next phase of our production. To top it off, Heather blends positive energy with an honest appraisal of what you need to do to get your image up to snuff. And not only does Heather provide you with great advice and data, she teaches you how to think. Hiring Heather as a consultant was one of the best investments we ever made.”

Producer/Screenwriter, Michigan

Career Consulting

“Heather possesses a keen understanding of how the entertainment industry operates. She was invaluable in helping me construct a game plan to define and reach my goal target audience in the most efficient, effective manner possible – to fill the theater with casting directors for my one woman show. Not only did Heather demystify the art of schmoozing but she also provided me with the tools to overcome my fear of cold calling industry folks.”

Jennifer Rosen
Actress/Writer, Los Angeles, CA
One Woman Show: Tall Girl

“I have never met Heather Hale. In fact I live ten thousand miles away at “the end of the earth” in Australia – yet Heather’s friendship, support and network have been invaluable to me. Through her, I have secured a Hollywood manager, “met” key industry people and secured the U.S. launch of my first book. I am heading over to Los Angeles later this year.” (Where they finally met!)

Lynn Santer
Screenwriter/Author, Australia

Start-Up Consulting

“Heather’s networking skills are remarkable. She has the rare and extraordinary ability to bring the right people together to “complete the puzzle”. She is exceptionally smart and confident and well-versed in the entertainment industry. Heather was exactly what we needed to launch this software company.”

Michelle Taylor


LitCentral, Inc.