“Heather is so personal in her webinars, it feels like she is right there in the room with you. Her solutions are first rate. I spent 30+ years in high concept marketing, cause-related public relations and merchandising – and raised over $100 million – and she REALLY knows this business! And talk about keeping your promises – and then some! I got my promised one sheet review within a few hours!” 

Tony Staffieri
“Entertaining while also conveying a vast amount of insider info and a terrific overview of how to work the Film and TV markets. Hale is a total insider but that doesn’t ‘ mean she’s unwilling to share her hard won wisdom. Clever tips to help you traverse some of the most difficult terrain in the business of film makes it feel possible to get to Cannes or NATPE and have a good idea what is going on. Always accessible and generous through her website and in person, Hale delivers top notch insights and stats with wit and style. Thanks STAGE 32, more of this level webinar please!


“I’m looking forward to reading your book because I like how you explain things…and how you encourage all of us.”

July, 2016


“It was that sticky, oppressive day in China Grove, North Carolina in the church parking lot, when you took time out of your busy day to thank EVERYONE – including extras – for being there and helping out. That speech made me feel as if I was back on the right track with my life and made you an instant hero in my life. So few people would have taken the time to not only show their appreciation but also to treat even random Extras with kindness and respect – I couldn’t help but be impressed. That might help explain why I not only consider you to be the best Director I’ve ever worked with but also why I’ll always be willing to help you and Billy out with anything.

Obviously, I couldn’t have known what was going on politically on set that day or what other factors were playing their dirty little parts in that project but: WowYou have the heart and soul of a warrior poet, my friend. I’ve seen blow-ups on set before, several bad enough to halt production but never have I seen the other end of the reaction spectrum where the leader takes the high road to let everyone know that the TEAM is important. Knowing what I now know, my respect for you has launched up through the stratosphere. You do your best to not only foster good will and appreciation among the team but to do that all the while keeping the wolves at bay is impressive.”

Kevin McDermott
Actor, Absolute Killers
June, 2010


“Heather is so inspirational, she could raise the dead!”

“She’s a story yoda.”

“Using Heather’s techniques and system, the day after her seminar, I had meetings set up with Oprah and Warren Buffet and now have access to A-List celebrities.”

Sarano Kelly
#1 Motivational Speaker on Wall Street

“Her knowledge and integrity amazes.”

“A walking muse.”

“Like a pep rally from afar.”

Lisa Wojtasiewicz
Lake Oswego, Oregon
“It’s a good feeling when I leave a seminar knowing I have just gotten smarter.”
John Teevan
Business Student
University Of St. Thomas
Marketing Intern at Spanatix

“Hollywood does indeed have a heart – and it beats in this woman.”

“As a Playwright, I tend to be leery of anything having to do with film but at a recent film festival I had the pleasure of hearing Heather speak and I can say that the film industry does indeed have a heart -and it beats in this woman. We’ve since become friends and she continues to amaze me, both with her knowledge and her integrity. She’s a great speaker, holding the audience captive and imparting many pearls of wisdom, and she’d be a wonderful person to have on your side as a consultant.”

William Roetzheim (5/13/08)
Award-winning Playwright
Jamul, CA

“Nothing less than transformational.”

“If – and when – I win an Oscar, Heather will be the first to get the thanks!”

“I love you soooo much after the speech you delivered this evening at The Palladium for the University of Dreams (Dream Careers)! You’re the kind of person I want to be! Seriously! You blew me away!”

Hannah Merrick
British Singer/Songwriter

“The first time I heard Heather speak, I was captivated by her passion, insight, warmth and humor… and I immediately knew I wanted to be her friend.   As I got to know Heather, I soon discovered that her immense talent is equally matched by her extraordinary generosity and that her passion for teaching and helping others is unsurpassed.   She is a true gift to the Los Angeles film community.”

Deputy Director
California Film Commissioner
Titanic, Tropic Thunder, Dreamworks, etc.
The Complete Film Production Handbook
Hollywood Drive: What it Takes to Break in, Hang in & Make it in the Entertainment Industry;
Founder, Film Industry Network; Instructor, USC School of Cinema


“We all know this is a relationship business and in my work as a producer and educator, I have so many times found myself in the small-world scenario that converges on one name: Heather Hale. As a meta-networker myself (ie: networking is a verb and we are its henchmen), I have never met anyone as lightning quick on the speed dial as Heather.

Gabrielle Kelly
Producer, Writer, Professor

“Relatable, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and motivating – Heather Hale is all that and more! I attended her PowerNetworking Seminar when it was held on campus through our Leadership Institute. I went to see if she had anything to share that would be useful for the student volunteers that I work with. I was pleasantly surprised to learn new tools, systems and skills that would not only assist my students – but that would also assist me! Heather is a dynamic presenter, happy to answer questions and full of ideas. I highly recommend her – be it for a one time seminar or a more lengthy retreat or training!”

Wendy Phelps

California State University, Northridge

Associate Director
University Student Union, Inc.

“Heather is the Logline Whisperer.”

Natasha Powell
“I was in your career development class at the LA Film School tonight and I have to say that it was GREAT! There were so many useful tools that I can’t wait to use. Thanks for sharing the knowledge! Time to get started on my hit list!”
Randy Yamashiro
LA Film School Student
“It’s been over two years since I first heard you speak at a UoD seminar and to this day, I still pull your advice from the back of my mind and use it! Networking is a HUGE part of everyday life but no lesson on the subject was greater than the ones you taught us. It’s hard to even put it into words. It’s amazing what you can do and the responses you can get when you put yourself out there. Truly amazing. THANK YOU for spreading that SIMPLE lesson to all the “dreamers” out there. In all honesty, it’s because of that seminar that I push myself to talk with whomever, wherever. The possibilities are insane. From one dreamer to another: THANK YOU!”
Emma Alyse
University of Dreams/Dream Careers College Intern

“Heather is so insightful. She gives her heart and her soul to her students and their work – it’s so obvious how much she cares.”

Keren Green
Director, Writer, Producer
Los Angeles, CA

“Heather you organized the most fabulous and informative workshops for the foundation for international film artists! You are an awesome teacher as well and I always walked away pumped and ready to write!”
Evita Castine
The Hartley-Merrill International Screenwriting Prize
RKO Pictures
The Story Project
I Have A Dream Foundation

“I had the great pleasure and privilege of meeting Heather Hale when I attended a weeklong retreat she taught in Sydney, Australia in 2010. From the moment I met Heather, her warmth and openness struck me. We connected straight away and even though we live oceans apart, she has since been a strong source of encouragement and inspiration in my life. Heather’s soul shines through in every script she writes. What I find most remarkable is her ability to write “real life” if that makes any sense. Her knack for putting real, completely relatable women and their personal struggles on paper is a breath of fresh air. Reading a script recently, I was taken aback by how on point she wrote the reality of the character’s struggle: it was so very similar to my own, that I literally went cold, it was a really uncomfortable feeling for a moment – like I was reading my own life. For me, that is the essence of telling a story well: to make someone have a moment of true recognition to the point of discomfort. We all want to be moved after all! When I read Heather’s scripts, I laugh, I cry, I go on adventures, I feel excited and I feel inspired. As an actor, it gives me reassurance that there are great and exciting writers out there writing fabulous roles for women and men alike. Taking the actor out of it, I just feel truly blessed that I am lucky enough to call Heather a friend, and be able to read her amazing work and be inspired and encouraged by her every day.”

Jo Clark
Actress, Auckland, New Zealand

“From the first time I met Heather Hale, I knew she was everything the entertainment business was supposed to be about. Heather has a passion for filmmaking and supporting other writers, directors and producers that puts her head and shoulders above the rest. I met Heather ten years ago and her energy is the same today as it was a decade ago, powerful and full of promise in finding ways to help people carve out their own meaningful careers. She has been a friend, teacher, counselor, mentor and inspiration.  You should get to know Heather and find out why so many of us consider her a Lighthouse in an ever changing sea.”

James Moorer
Screenwriter, Los Angeles, CA

“Heather’s “Power Networking” presentation was insightful and fun – the highlight of the Great American Pitch Fest weekend for me. And just days after the pitch fest, she actually got my sitcom pilot directly into a couple of Show Runners’ hands!”

Serge LeBlanc
Valencia, CA

“While watching her DVD, she answered all the questions that were at the forefront of my thoughts and I wasn’t even there to ask them! I appreciate what it is to network and to “schmooze” but I had no idea where to start and how it all worked. Truly, it was exactly what I was looking for.”

H. Rochelle (Roach) Crystal
Editor, Redmond, Washington

“I just wanted to thank you for the networking workshop which I was sure would be a waste of my time because I hate all that I thought “networking” usually meant – but you were great. You reconfirmed that making movies is about building relationships and not just passing out business cards.”

Meghan Ciana Doidge
Vancouver Canada

“Heather is an awesome teacher.”

Van Nuys, CA 

“Thank you for your presentation on leadership yesterday at the Meeting Planners International Tradeshow. I really enjoyed it! Could you forward the questionnaire to me? I would like to have my staff take it for me to see if my actual leadership style matches what I think it is! Thanks!”

Christy Ragge

Event and Meeting Services Cubicle #1C30

“This was by far one of the best presentations I’ve ever been to. Heather encapsulated everything I didn’t know I needed to know about networking into 90 minutes flat. I’m even more ambitious in my career goals now. I used to laugh when I would say “When I write those novels.” or “Right: when I’m working for the New York Times!” but now I realize that those are very real possibilities. There is a whole world of opportunity out there.”

Gregan Wingert

Journalism Undergrad
University of Las Vegas, Nevada


“One of our highest rated speakers ever!!!”

Jenn Loubaugh
Program Director
University College of London

“Life-changing for me. I know many others felt that way, too. I must confess: I have been guilty of allowing the fear of failure to hinder me from dreaming big, not considering that dreaming has no fees or taxes attached to it. After listening to your story – despite life’s rocky mountains and dark valleys, you managed to overcome and rise above all odds – I’m no longer afraid to dream big, too. I’m no longer afraid to pursue those dreams. I’ll be ever grateful to you for the light and inspiration you shed on us all. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ll continue this summer with a new attitude hoping that sometime in the future I’ll be given the chance to repay you for your investment in me and so many others. There are still millions who need to come in contact with your charisma and personality.

Joureen Ward

University of Dreams

“The information that you provided was really a breath of fresh air and was extremely inspiring to me. The yarn game was really great: I have seen it before but never where the speaker was so motivated to get everyone involved. The different concepts that you introduced were really helpful to me.”

Kyle A Skotnicki
Finance Undergraduate
College of Business
University of Cincinnati

“The fact that you did a complete 360 and changed career paths was very inspiring. I just wanted to thank you. So many people try to tell me that its hard to change paths (“Are you sure that’s really what you want to do?”) and so it is always so exciting to hear the success stories of others who have done something different no matter what other people said.”

Holly Marshall
Daniels College of Business
University of Denver

“Her PowerNetworking workshop helped me gain networking tactics: how to seek my own five opportunities make an impression.”

Joannes Portia Pamatmat
CSUN Student

TV Consulting

“I will always be a number one fan of Heather Hale! A fine example of an outstandingly talented individual whose input brings nothing but quality and class.”

Valerie Stilwell, MS
Interstitial Producer, Oregon

“My chat with Heather was incredibly informative and productive. She really helped me understand how to sharpen the focus on my project. Upon looking at the attachments she sent afterwards, I realized how she really worked this through. Well worth the consulting fee! She’d definitely be my first pick to help me produce!”

Philemon Venderbeck
ShowBiz Mensans
Elemental Entertainment
Ghost Train
Paranormal Travel Reality Show

“Heather seems to have effortlessly mastered many diverse skills in the entertainment industry and has earned her many well-deserved awards. Not only an amazing woman, she is also an amazing talent, to be sure! I am thrilled to recommend Heather for her many unique and diverse entertainment skills.

Victoria Taylor Murray (8/16/13)
International Bestselling Author

Co-Owner & CEO

VTM INK Publishing Company

Film Consulting

“When I began developing a project bigger than anything I had tackled before, my development team hired Heather Hale to help us work through a list of questions we had about marketability, project image and how to approach major talent with our script. Heather knocked us out with a clear and precise overview of our project website, which immediately helped us notch up the professionalism of our presentation. Heather’s insight was indispensable as we formed our step-by-step plan for how to approach major talent. She took all the mystery out of it for us! Heather’s nuts-and-bolts input gave us precise answers to the questions we had hanging over our heads for months. Heather provided us pages of notes and information on the actors we were interested in, data on many other films shot in our state that we could compare ours to and how to use the info to better help us shape our own pitch and company image. Between her notes and a phone call, I had all the answers I needed to proceed confidently with the next phase of our production. To top it off, Heather blends positive energy with an honest appraisal of what you need to do to get your image up to snuff. And not only does Heather provide you with great advice and data, she teaches you how to think. Hiring Heather as a consultant was one of the best investments we ever made.”

Producer/Screenwriter, Michigan
The Greatest Invention of Lazarus McFarren

Start-Up Consulting


“Heather’s networking skills are remarkable. She has the rare and extraordinary ability to bring the right people together to “complete the puzzle”. She is exceptionally smart and confident and well-versed in the entertainment industry. Heather was exactly what we needed to launch this software company.”

Michelle Taylor


LitCentral, Inc.

Career Consulting

“Heather possesses a keen understanding of how the entertainment industry operates. She was invaluable in helping me construct a game plan to define and reach my goal target audience in the most efficient, effective manner possible – to fill the theater with casting directors for my one woman show. Not only did Heather demystify the art of schmoozing but she also provided me with the tools to overcome my fear of cold calling industry folks.”

Jennifer Rosen
Actress/Writer, Los Angeles, CA
One Woman Show: Tall Girl


“I have never met Heather Hale. In fact I live ten thousand miles away at “the end of the earth” in Australia – yet Heather’s friendship, support and network have been invaluable to me. Through her, I have secured a Hollywood manager, “met” key industry people and secured the U.S. launch of my first book. I am heading over to Los Angeles later this year.” (Where they finally met!)

Lynn Santer
Screenwriter/Author, Australia

Off LinkedIn

“It gives me great pleasure to recommend Heather because there simply is nobody like her. Quite clearly, she is a first rate writer, producer, speaker and mentor, but above all this Heather just loves helping people. Despite having a schedule that would give me nightmares, she finds the time to encourage and inspire anyone who asks it of her and she does so wholeheartedly. She is truly unparalleled.”

Kerry David (9/26/08)


Over And Above Africa


“As a valued contributor to Script Magazine, Heather always delivers insightful and passionate information that’s invaluable to our readers. Her experience in filmmaking and screenwriting allows our readers to elevate their work and improve their odds of success. She always goes the extra mile to make sure her contribution is top notch.”

Jeanne Bowerman (1/1/15)

Editor and Online Community Manager

ScriptMag.com Script Magazine at F+W Media, Inc.


“I was truly amazed by the number of rabbits Heather pulled out of her producing/directing hat while filming the TV series pilot a while back. A last second casting change for the primary supporting role DURING production was not going to torpedo the project as long as Heather was at the helm. Her script notes on one of my screenplays were insightful and very helpful in my next rewrite. A real magician, Heather will leave you wondering: “How’d she do that?”

Glenn Thomas (7/18/12)

Writer/Director, Script Reader

Cloud 9 Filmworks 



Over the years I have been to a half dozen of Heathers workshops, and hands down, she is one of the most dynamic, engaging, and insightful speakers I have seen. There are people in this world who you know from the moment you talk to them that they are going to be successful and Heather is one of them. Heather just gets it. Not only does she have the extreme focus, tenacity, and determination to be successful, but she also has that little extra intangible that radiates from her and draws people to want to help her succeed. She is quietly becoming one of the most powerful women in Hollywood…I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.”

Scott Bergner (7/29/11)

Director of Marketing and Sales

Dream Careers



“My interaction with Heather began when I requested an interview with her for Glocul Mag, to which she graciously agreed. Little did she know then she’d be bombarded with thesis-like questions:) Her answers and insights were so articulate that the interview attracted more than 125 comments on LinkedIn alone. She is an entertainment business consulting superstar, and I know I’ll be collaborating with her in future. For sure! You should, too!

Sharmeen Akbani Gangat (4/9/13)

Founder and CEO of The Glocul Group

I know she has the ability to expand her horizons and be creative in more important projects. She has just touched the surface of her creative ability. Soon you will see just how deep her talent can reach.

Donald E. DeFilippo (7/9/15)

Eucharist Minister and Catholic Author


I know Heather as an excellent speaker. Most informative in her line of business and fun to listen to and watch. You learn and have fun., The best. Barbara

Barbara Loos (6/26/15)


JAZX company



“I have known Heather since 1999. If you are looking for that special individual who can get projects moving, and see them through to completion, Heather’s got you covered. Her attention to detail, enormous amount of industry knowledge, extensive contacts, and beautiful nature enable her to raise the bar on any production project. A talented writer and enlightened producer, Heather is an asset to any team project.”

Kimberly Seilhamer (2/17/11)

Executive Producer

Kilo Entertainment, LLC

“What can I say about Heather? She is one of the most sincere, creative, generous and supportive people I know. It’s no accident that she has created a network of relationships that spans the globe: people just want to know Heather and work with her. She is an asset and a blessing to any project or team she’s a part of.”

Derek Rydall (9/10/09)

Owner, Emerging Edge Media, Inc.


“Heather has a creative, probing intellect and a giant heart. Brainstorming a project with her is a joy as she peers into the matter with her big, beautiful eyes, turning the project over and over, seeking every angle, every possibility. Call Heather, she can help.”

Jonathan Carr, MA

Housing Analyst



“Yes, Heather is a friend of mine, but that has no bearing how she wows me in her seminars. She is an excellent speaker, who is equally funny as she is informative. She is a tremendous talent in networking, writing and teaching. And she makes it look easy.”

Robin Grossman


Over and Out Petsitting



“You are like the PBS of friends. Always sharing quality information and emotion. Brave, real, and a treasure!”

“QUEEN OF NETWORKING. A successful screenwriter, producer and director with over 40 hours of produced television. Her web site www.theindustry.la alone has received acclaim as the Craig’s List for the Hollywood set. A genuine heart of gold and willingness to share and contribute in honor of “Pass it along”. Great connection if you need introductions or to learn more about the TV and Film Industry.”

Regional Sales Manager (7/18/05)

Festool USA


Anonymous Evaluations & Surveys

The Screenwriting Expo

“I took every class she offered – twelve in three days at the Screenwriting Expo – and it still wasn’t enough! When is her book coming out!?”

The Learning Annex

“A completely enjoyable and informative class. I utilized what I learned from Heather that very evening! An excellent investment of my time and money!”

“A remarkable person. Three hours was just the beginning. I could’ve listened to her for a week and she seemed to have the limitless energy and passion to do so! Impressive and generous, possibly the two qualities that make her an ideal networking expert. Would recommend her to anyone.”

The Vancouver Television and Film Expo

“By far one of the best presentations I’ve ever been to in my life.”

“Heather opened my eyes to structure and enabled me to rewrite (and rewrite and rewrite) until only the essential elements remained.”

“She solved my story problems between bites during her lunch break.”