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Writing and Analyzing Independent Film Business Plans

PROGRAM LENGTH: (1 – 4 Hours; 24 hour, two-week session) Customizable sessions available.

OBJECTIVE: Clearly understand the five “W”’s of Business Plans (Who, What, Where, When, Why - and How). Learn how to convey your mission and vision, establish your objectives, milestones and benchmarks, articulate your production and distribution strategies, write the most favorable bios for your principals, detail the structure and growth of your industry or genre, research budgets and revenues for box office and DVD comparables, reveal your financial strategies, project income statements and cash flows - and make it all compelling!

ABSTRACT: Nothing reveals the weaknesses and shortcomings in your film or television strategy more clearly than a well-executed business plan. Business plans allow you the opportunity to clarify, test and resolve each and every issue - on the page. Plan your work, then work your plan. Earn the right to be genuinely confident by envisioning – and manifesting - your dreams. Heather Hale brings a rare combination of real world business and financial expertise, award-winning literary creativity and innovative networking insights to Writing the Film Business Plan.


* U.S. & International tax incentives & co-productions

* Foreign pre-sales of film, TV, video and DVD

* Section 181

* Studio financing
* Distribution deals

Familiarize yourself with these non-securities investment vehicles to raise funds in conjunction with your business plan:

* investor financing agreements
* joint ventures
* initial incorporations
* active-investor-managed limited liability companies


Heather :