Producers POV: Charlie Kaufman’s Women

Posted by Heather in In Production // January 22nd, 2014

A great deal has been written over the past forty years about (Alfred) “Hitchcock’s Women.” Immaculate blondes, sensual ice queens that could be both treacherous yet vulnerable. These strong independent women often drove the action of his famous suspense films – and they suffered for it. They have become icons of his era.

One of our era’s most distinctive cinematic voices is Charlie Kaufman. In studying his scripts and movies (preparing for an OnDemand Webinar), I began to appreciate the spectrum of his female characters across his six films thus far: Being John Malkovich, Human Nature, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Synecdoche, New York.

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Producer’s POV: Do’s and Don’t’s of Reality Show Pitch Proposals

Posted by Heather in Career Development, Craft, Writing for TV // August 9th, 2013

Some helpful Do‘s and Don’t‘s of what ought to be in your TV pitch proposal:


New Online Classes and Webinars

Posted by Heather in Career Development, Craft, Entertainment Industry, Indie Film, Public Speaking, Screenwriting, Sitcoms, Travel, Writing for TV // July 21st, 2013


I love to travel to teach at film festivals and writers workshops all over the globe! But screenwriters and filmmakers often ask me if I ever teach online. Well, I’ve started doing just that as well as teaching live webinars and recording tutorials. Here’s some info on what I’ve been working on recently – and what’s coming up soon!


Upcoming Online Classes:


Recent Testimonials:
(From the current TV Spec Script class)


“I wasn’t sure if I should take Heather Hale’s class because I considered myself a seasoned vet of multiple genres over ten years on the way to success but after taking her class, for the first time, I am sure that as a writer, I am going to finish exactly where I want to. Well worth the time and money. Thanks, Heather!”

~ Corey

“After going through this class, I am feeling in my bones how a script is structured. Like most writers, I love ideas and characters and plot. I took this class because I knew I was throwing all those things together in a way that wasn’t making sense as a script. The process was a revelation and I’m confident that I can create marketable spec scripts. Heather is a very positive instructor, catches where the story is headed off base, and is always ready to help. I think I will repeat the class just to go through the process on a different length, different genre script.”

~ LJ

Also, check out my Producer’s POV column in Script Magazine. And feel free to shoot column questions, topics or ideas!


The world needs to hear your stories!


Have a Successful 2013 Staffing and Development Season

Posted by Heather in Career Development, Craft, Drama, Screenwriting, Writing for TV // July 8th, 2013

If you’re an aspiring television writer, trying to get staffed this season or perhaps (like me), you’ve got an original pilot (or two) you’re shopping, understanding the business cycles can be helpful in planning and executing your strategies.

2013 Staffing and Development Calendar

Staffing Timeline

Feb. – May: Executives read scripts and take “staffing meetings” with agents and managers for network shows.

Late May: Upfronts (when networks and cablers show off their new shows to entice advertisers to commit to buy commercial airtime “up front” – months before the shows’ premieres), pilots are picked up to series, staff is put in place.

June: Most writer rooms begin.

July: Shows start shooting.


Development Time Line

June – Oct. Networks hear pitches (Cable hears pitches year around)

Aug. – Sept. Scripts are ordered

Nov. Outlines are delivered

Dec. Scripts are delivered

Jan. – Feb. Pilots are ordered

Feb. – March Pilots are shot

May - Pilots are picked up to series

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Producer’s Pal Podcast

Posted by Heather in Career Development, Craft, Directing, Entertainment Industry, Indie Film, Public Speaking, Screenwriting // July 7th, 2013

I recently did a half-hour interview with Joshua Brown for Producer’s Pal Podcast.

Their mission: Unmasking Filmmaking Business Secrets, Inspiration for Independent Film Producers. Taking Hollywood Head-on.




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